Earl Wedding

Well, this is a week late, but last weekend I got to be a part of one of my best friends' weddings, and it was so, so fun.  I think one of the things that made it so great was that it wasn't a typical Saturday night wedding. Instead, they had their rehearsal dinner on Saturday night, complete with barbeque, peach cobbler, and a blues band.  All of the "young people" were invited, not just those in the wedding party.  And then, on Sunday, Jenny and Darrin were married at 5:30, followed by a cocktail hour and then the reception, complete with lounge music. So, pictures? Let's get to it.

The rehearsal was at 3:00 on Saturday afternoon.  I think Jenny was glad to see me and Darbie because the wedding coordinator had been stressing her out.

Jenny and Darrin were just ready to get the show on the road!

Jenny practiced her walk down the aisle with her dad.

And I practiced standing my post on the top step.

Our friend Ben was the officiant, and he talked them through how the ceremony would go.

Once we were good and rehearsed, it was party time!

The dinner menu was full of good, Southern food: lots of barbeque, ribs, spaghetti.  I was too nervous about eating the ribs not in the privacy of my own home, but I hear they were delicious. Darbie seemed to think so!

We were glad to have a time to visit with all of our out-of-town friends before the big day.  The Kinsers were excited to be there.

Hey, wait a minute...these two don't go together...

Um, and neither do these two...

Now we're back on track with the right couples! Here's me and my honey.

Darbie was a good sport and asked Darrin's 91-year-old grandfather to dance. I think it was the longest song ever.

Here we all are - Jenny and her three "bridesmaids."

I love this one - so many of my besties in one shot!

Sunday morning came fast. I had to get up early and meet Jenny at her hotel so I could blow dry her hair straight. She has a LOT of hair!

While we worked on her hair, we sent the guys over to the ceremony site with her dress.

I love Jenny's mom for many reasons, but one is definitely because she thought to bring flowers just to decorate the hotel room.

Around 12, we headed over to the ceremony site to check things out.

The florist had already started carrying in flowers.  Here's a table arrangement, and you can see one of the table runners I made!  (I think the flower arrangement looks lopsided in this picture, but it was fixed before show time.)

Here is where Jenny and Darrin actually got married. Pretend like the curtain in the background is closed (although you can see the cake table with another one of my tablecloths on it), the lights are low and the chandelier and candles are all lit.  It was a very pretty setting.  During the reception, the big arrangement and the ferns were scooted back a little so the cake table could sit under the chandelier.

More flowers.

After we looked around and grabbed a quick bite for lunch, it was time to get ready for pictures.   Jenny was the last to get her hair done.

And after getting dressed and some last-minute makeup touch-ups, she was ready to go see her groom!

Wasn't she a beautiful bride?!

Unfortunately, my pictures from the weekend end there. We spent the afternoon taking pictures and then it was go-time, so my camera was put away and never came back out.  Now, if Jenny and Darrin could hurry up and come back from their cruise, maybe we'll have some sneak peeks from their photographer to see!