Table and Chairs

Alright, readers.  I need your help. Remember the table I said I had a crush on? Well, after writing that post, I continued to drool over the table and pretty much decided I didn't just want that table, I need that table.  I had it all figured out in my head - I could  (hopefully) sell our current table and 4 chairs for $200 (which is actually the same amount I paid for it, but I got a crazy good deal) and then buy the new table for $500.  My net expense would be $300 and it was worth that much to me to finally like our kitchen table. 

But then I realized that $500 table doesn't come with chairs. Hmmmm. Now that could be a problem.

After clicking on the chairs that Crate and Barrel has paired with the table and seeing their $169 (each) price tag, my excitement over the new table was crushed.  $169 times 4 means an additional $676 to my $300 price tag. Yowza.  Suddenly our scuffed-up white $200 table and 4 chairs were looking juuuuust fine.

But then, then!, Doc and I went to Target last night and I saw some barstools with much lower price tags on them. Why hadn't I thought to look at Target before? (Well, self, probably because you've never bought furniture at Target before. Duh.)

Anyway, have any of you ever purchased Target furniture? Does it hold up? I get that it won't be Crate and Barrel slash Pottery Barn slash Pier One quality, but it's just chairs. I don't need them to be name brand, I just need them to support the weight of my family and not fall apart during a Friday night dinner.

Oh, and I need them to look ok with the table too.   These are the ones I'm considering - the Jordan All Wood Stool in black, for the (relatively) low price of $69.99 each.  (That's $100 less per chair...cha-ching!)

So, what do you think? Will they look ok with the table and will they hold up over time? Or, do you know of a secret store that's chock-full of cute bar stools that they're practically giving away? Cause if you do, I should definitely shop there.