Bend It Like Beckham

How in the world is it Thursday night already??  Sunday night when I got home from the wedding and was exhausted from the weekend's festivities, I thought this week would be nice and relaxed.  I guess that was before work decided to punch me in the gut and then kick me while I was down. I have been insanely busy.  I've had to attend way too many meetings this week and you know what? I can't get my work done when I'm stuck sitting in meetings. I have a pile of work on my desk that must get done tomorrow, plus two more meetings scheduled. So yeah, I had the intentions of posting pictures all week long, but now here I am at 9:30 on Thursday, waiting for Doc to get home from the airport, and trying to play catchup. So, on to today's blog post topic: soccer. You wanna know the truth? I have no idea what "Bend It Like Beckham" means, but I think it's soccer-ish. Right? I'm pretty sure it's the title of a movie, but is it also referring to David Beckham?

Some girls think he's cute.

Meh. Doesn't really do it for me.

Allow me to introduce you to the cutest soccer player I know.

Meet Jett: #3 on the field, #1 in my heart.

Cute, right?  And he's good at soccer too! Well, when he's not sitting on the ball...

I don't know if this can be considered "bending it," but it looks like pretty good form to me.

Here are some action shots from the game on Saturday. it looks like he may have switched from futball to football.

He may spend a fair amount of time on the ground from run-ins like the one pictured above, but he also plays good defense and scores goals. Last Saturday he scored 2!

You know who really enjoys watching him play?  Hint: it's not his sister...

Another hint: he looks like this from the back...

It's P-diddy!

Check out his crazy wind-blown hair.

Won't be long before he's out on the field, too!

[Random side note 1: Today is day 6 for the manicure and still no chips.]

[Random side note 2: I got my flu shot today. About 10 days ago I got a tetanus and pertussis shot. Both of my arms might fall off, but I'm officially vaccinated. Lock jaw, whooping-cough, and swine flu can't get me now.]