Weekend In Review

Even though nothing spectacular happened, this has been a really great weekend!  The weather was nice, we got to sleep in, I got lots accomplished, and there was nothing we HAD to do.  I love a weekend like that. Friday night we party-hopped.  We started out the evening with a surprise party for my friend Kim.  (You may remember that I have helped with a few rooms in her house, seen here, here, and here.)  I actually remembered to bring my camera and guess how many pictures I took....one.  Whomp, whomp.  Me and the birthday girl?  Nah, just a picture of this balloon.

Happy birthday, Kim!  Don't worry, I won't tell anybody how old you are...

Doc and I ducked out of the surprise party early because we had 9:00 dinner reservations.  Yes, 9 PM.  Yes, I had to take a nap after work so I could stay awake long enough for dinner.

The meal was good, but the company is what made it so great.  We were joined by 16 of our favorite people.





Since our reservation was so late, we met up for pre-dinner drinks.  A few of the guys got things going with some Jameson and Butterscotch Schnapps shots followed by an orange juice chaser.

The bartender swore that the combination tasted like pancakes.  I think that sounds disgusting but those that gave it a try said it was pretty good.

I really have no comments about this next picture, but I do feel that it should be posted.

The weather was so nice Saturday that I got up and went for a long morning walk.  I spent the bulk of the day working in the shop and made good progress on a lot of my projects.  I even finished a couple that I'll show you this week.  (I promise I'll post more than once this week...)

That afternoon we stopped by my brother's house to check out something he'd been working on.  We had Lolli with us, which absolutely thrilled Bren.  She LOVES Lolli.  I'm not sure if the feelings are mutual.  Bren likes to hold Lolli and it's usually not in the most comfortable position for poor Lolli, so it looks a little something like this.

I know these picture are awful quality - I was using my phone - but bear with me because I think they're pretty funny.

So Bren likes to hold Lolli but Lolli doesn't really love it.  At one point, we walked in Bren's room to see her standing on her bed, holding a squirming Lolli, and smiling at herself in the mirror above her dresser.  I guess sometimes you just need to see how you look holding a puppy dog.

A few minutes later, Bren got so excited.  "I put her in my box!  Now she can't get away!"  The "box" she was referring to?  Her laundry hamper.

Poor Lolli.

We're dog-sitting my parents' dog, Henry, this weekend so we had him with us too.  Bren had Doc put Henry in the "box" with Lolli, but she decided he made the "box" too heavy so he had to get out.  You know what's coming next, don't you?

Bren got in the "box."

Oh man, that girl cracks me up.  (This morning at church, she had on a headband of feathers that she'd made in Sunday School.  "Hey Bren!  Are you a little Indian?"  She told me no so I asked her what she was.  "A chicken!")

Tonight, after getting out of the shower, I walked in our bedroom to see that Doc had taken a page out of Bren's book.  I saw this on the floor.

Doc had a smirk on his face and even Henry was sitting on the bed, looking a little smug.  I got closer and sure enough, poor Lolli was trapped underneath.

Before anyone runs off and reports us to PETA, let me assure you that Lolli was not harmed in any of these laundry hamper escapades.  She's perfectly fine and is as wild and crazy as ever.  I just won't be surprised if she runs under the bed the next time I start doing laundry.

I'm pleased to say I have officially started my Christmas shopping AND our Christmas cards have been ordered.  I don't know why, but having those ordered makes me feel so much less stressed!  I'm excited for the next few days: 3-day work week, Thanksgiving food, and getting to see all of our family.  Should be a good week!