Superhero Party

Parker turned 3!  To celebrate, his mom and dad hosted us all for a superhero swimming party.  (The sign that his mama made, above, totally took me back to my cheerleading/banner painting days.  I feel like a team of football players should've run through that sign after the party was over...)

The backyard was also full of superhero-themed balloons.

As the guests arrived, Parker greeted them dressed as Spiderman.

Things started getting a little risque after we'd only been there a few minutes.  We were crowded around the birthday boy giving him hugs and asking him how old he was, when he just turned and dropped his drawers!

I guess even Spiderman has to go sometimes.

Obviously, since it was a swimming party, the main activity for the party goers was...swimming.  I tried to snap a few pictures before hiding my camera from all the splashing.

Bren thought the water was coooold!  (And it was!  I only made it in to my knees before chickening out.)

She decided sitting on the edge was good enough for her.

Parker's not afraid of the cold water!  Kicking those legs keeps him warmed up, but it means side-sitters like me and Bren have to watch out for splashes of icy cold water!

And sometimes all that kickin' and splashin' made this little Spiderman have to go again.

It's his party and he'll go where he wants to, go where he wants to...

Jett sprung a leak, too!  Man, I'm going to have so much to blackmail these little boys with as they get older...

Erin, Parker's mom, ordered him a pretty cool superhero cake.  If I have all my characters right, the top is for Superman (or Super Parker in this case), the second layer is Batman, and the bottom is for Spiderman.

When it was time to sing, we brought the cake outside and Parker climbed up on the table to see everyone.

When the singing was over, he huffed and puffed and blew those candles out!

But then they lit back up!  Poor little guy got tricked with the relighting candles!

Bren was pretty excited when they finally went out and she could get a piece of cake some icing.

It wouldn't be a birthday party without some present opening.

Here's the perfect gift that my mom found to go with Parker's Pirate tent.  Arrghhh!

Quick pirate joke: What do dyslexic pirates say?


Moving on...

My gift didn't go with the Pirate tent, but it did go with the superhero theme.  Sure, Mega Bloks are probably the generic legos, but these have Spiderman and his friends!

After the cake had been eaten and the gifts opened, Erin announced that it was time for all the kids to get tangled up in Spiderman web.  They all got to choose their own color of Silly String and have at it!  (You KNOW I wanted a can, but I let the kids have them.)

Jett got caught in someone's web.

But I think he got 'em back.

Parker did lots of watching the big boys.

Mimi tried to help Bren with her "web" but I'm not sure they ever even hit anyone.

Bren eventually gave up and decided she was better at doing the noise makers.

After the webs were cleaned up, Parker opened up some of his new toys.  He spent quite a while going fishing in the swimming pool with his new rod.

His big toy from his Mama and Daddy was a new bike.  Check out his cool helmet!

By the time we were all leaving, Parker was so worn out from the excitement that I'm sure he took a great nap!

These pictures have convinced me that I need some kind of polarized filter to put on my camera lens on super sunny days.  They make me want to squint just looking at them!  (You can tell I tried to "dim the lights" on some at the top, but then got tired of editing towards the bottom.)  Anyone have any suggestions on what to use to make pictures less bright?