Pirate Tent

I told you that you wouldn't have to wait long to see our second attempt at the card table tent, and so here I am keeping my word.  When we made Bren's for her 3rd birthday, we knew that her cousin Parker would also be turning 3 just eight days later, and we couldn't make a tent for her without making one for him.  So that trip to JoAnn's that turned into a 3 hour affair was spent picking out fabrics for two tents, not just one. Now, with Bren's, we pretty much followed the pattern that I bought and made very few alterations.  We couldn't do that with Parker's though.  What little boy wants a tent that looks like a playhouse, complete with flowers and curtains?  Not Parker, that's for sure.  After doing a little googling, I found this etsy store that had several different themed card table tents.  It was there that we found a Pirate tent and instantly knew that's what Parker's should be.

We were able to use the pattern we had for all the basic measurements.  But for all the details, I had to draw everything by hand.  Luckily his doesn't have as many teeny tiny details like Bren's, but it still turned out just as cute.

And of course, just like with Bren's, I waited until during the birthday party to take pictures of the finished product.  Shame on me.  These aren't great pics by any means, but you know I'm going to share them anyway.

Might as well start with the front.  The door to this one is a flap, just like on Bren's.

Zoomed in on the door, you can see we "hung" an old wooden sign warning trespassers to enter if they dare.

No front door is complete without a lantern.  My mom said the nice thing with working with the black fabric was that it hid any of her sewing mistakes.  The down side is that it showed every single piece of lent, and this fabric picks up everything!

And it wouldn't be a Pirate tent (fort? ship?) without a skull and crossbones.

The two sides of Parker's tent were much less detailed that the playhouse tent.  One side had three portholes.

And the other had a regular window with broken shutters.

For the back, we drew a flagpole and flag so that the skull and crossbones could fly high.

And that's it.  Much simpler than the playhouse version, but perfect for a little boy.  My mom got Parker the perfect gift to go with his Pirate tent.  Check back for his birthday party pictures to see what it was!