Ninja Invasion

Dave Barnes is a singer/songwriter out of Nashville, TN that I've listen to since my college days.  He's one of the few musicians I've seen in concert multiple times.  I really like his music (the boy can write a love song) but I also enjoy his shows because, at times, he can be pretty funny.  I think he even does stand up comedy every now and then. Anyway, all that's to say that I like Dave Barnes and so I follow him on twitter.  He tweets about soccer (blah) and about his upcoming shows (if it's not my town I scroll through) and sometimes he just tweets about funny things.  Like the time a piece of fried chicken fell from the sky onto his patio while he was doing yardwork.  Or his interpretations of merchandise in the Sky Mall magazines on flights.  So it was no surprise when last night, he tweeted this:

davebarnesmusic: Fun game to end your Friday night?  Substitute ninja for woman in a song.

With his tweet he gave some song suggestions to get the ball rolling: More Than A Ninja, Pretty Ninja, Witchy Ninja, She's Always A Ninja To Me.

The rest of my night was spent checking my phone and giggling at all the new ninja songs people were coming up with.

  • You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Ninja
  • Man, I Feel Like A Ninja
  • When A Man Loves A Ninja
  • No Ninja, No Cry
  • I'm Every Ninja
  • Ain't No Ninja (Like The One I Got)

Yea, so ninja songs = totally pointless, totally stupid, totally hilarious.  I mean, come on.  Who doesn't want to sing about a ninja?

That was Friday night.

Today (Saturday) I spent the afternoon over at my parents' house working on a few projects.  One of the projects was to finally drag down two dressers from my mom's attic to see if they could be spruced up to use in the beach house (final verdict: they're too rickety and messed up).  The dressers used to be in each of my brother's rooms back in the day, but had been in the attic for a few years.  When my dad and I started dragging them out of the attic, we realized that the drawers were still full of old junk.

We managed to get them out of the steamy hot attic and into my bedroom at their house but decided we needed to clean out the drawers before attempting to carry them down the stairs, through the house, and out to the woodshop.  Mom had joined us at this point and the three of us spent 20 minutes or so pilfering through the drawers' contents.  For some reason one drawer was full of old pictures and newspaper articles of my dad (I have no idea why) and we spent the most time flipping through those.

Then, between the baseball cards and pile of old baseball socks, I found this:

A ninja costume.

Obviously, I immediately put it on and then started looking for my phone because you can't find, and then put on, a ninja costume without taking a picture.  You just can't.  I'm searching through the house looking for where I laid my phone when I remember that I left it out in the shop.  I've got one foot out the backdoor headed to go get my phone when I stop myself because it just hit me that my dad's got a crew of workers out in the yard working on his chimney and I'm wearing a ninja costume.  Close call.  I can only imagine what they would've thought if they'd seen me walking out to the shop.  I grab my dad's phone instead and decide I can just text the pictures to myself.

The story of the ninja costume is awesome for several reasons, one obviously being that it's a ninja costume.  You can't beat that.  Actually, I take that back because I can beat that - in the drawer was not one but two ninja costumes!  I cannot wait until we get an invite to a couples costume party because Doc and I are officially set.

But it gets even better than that.  We start talking about the ninja costumes and my parents are telling me that they were on vacation in San Francisco (or somewhere) and they brought them back to my brothers as souvenirs.  So, that's sweet and all but the part that takes this from warm and fuzzy to totally awesome?  Is that at the time, my brothers were approximately 2 and 5 years old.

TWO and FIVE years old people!  What 2 or 5 year old needs a full-out adult-sized ninja costume?!?

The only way I can make sense of this is that my dad totally wanted a ninja costume for himself and convinced my mom to let him buy one two by saying that they boys would love them.

I mean, can you come up with any other logical explanation?

Friday = ninja songs.  Saturday = ninja costume.  I can hardly wait to see what ninja-y thing happens tomorrow.  I hope it occurs during church.