Sunday Play Day

After church on Sunday, we decided to have a picnic at my parents' house so our kids could finally see the new playset. This little monkey climbed all over it before the boys arrived with our food.

We took a quick break when the guys arrived with food from Sonic and enjoyed lunch on the picnic tables. After scarfing it down and taking time to pose for one picture, the kids were off!

Even the big kids couldn't wait to play.

About ten minutes into our playtime, we were up in our fort planning our attack against the pirates [read: the dogs] when guess what we saw heading our way...

...the Jett Monster!!!

As the Commander of our fort, I quickly left base to capture him and put him in jail [read: the mini picnic table], and that's when he was told by his captors that he had to eat lunch before he could escape from jail.

Soon after he was released he was named Navigator of the fort and took orders from Wyatt the Captain.

I wish I could tell you what all happened on the fort that day, but it was hard for me to keep up. I know at one point we were sailing to the Galapagos Islands and we could only eat turtles. And then there was something about Madagascar and at one point we were among the Dutch, which sounds a lot like "pretend to be ducks" but somehow I was the only one that heard it that way.

Anna spent the afternoon becoming best friends with her only girl cousin.

It was such a fun afternoon, but being a kid again is exhausting! And a lot different, too. I already knew I could no longer do the monkeybars, but this time I also found out that it hurts my feet when I jump out of the swing and I probably shouldn't do round-offs anymore. My mom tried to be encouraging by telling me that it "probably wouldn't have hurt if I was wearing tennis shoes instead of flip-flops." I don't think tennis shoes would have kept my leg from coming out of its socket.

I have a friend who blogs about gardening and sometimes about how her dogs like to "help" her in the yard. Do you think this qualifies as Taylor "helping" my mom with her flower beds?

"Who, me?"

And just for fun, I'll leave you with some more pics from the day...