Dinner Theater

Saturday night we sat down to enjoy a nice, normal family dinner. Anna was excited about the porkchops.

Wyatt was ready to dig in to the grilled shrimp.

Me? I was all about the steak.

Doc was excited about all of the meat and the salad too. (Side note: Aunt K, I made the salad you gave me the recipe for. We have it all the time because it is the ONLY salad dressing that Doc will eat. You should feel proud.)

Each of the kids were told they had to eat some spinach leaves. Anna gobbled hers up like they were her favorite food. Wyatt, on the other hand, took a lot of coercing just to get a small piece down.  I bribed him with a super awesome surprise dessert, which got me a response of something like "it better be worth it, or else."

I told him I was shakin-in-my-shoes scared.

And that's how the "Take My Picture of This Emotion" game got started.

Anna showed excitement for the super awesome surprise dessert.

Wyatt was sad about having to eat spinach. (Look closely for the "tears" he added from the bathroom sink.)

Anna had to try out the fake tears too.

"My brother is weird."



"I just won the lottery but I have to give it to my sister."

Oh, did I mention there were muscle contests too? Don't mess with us...we work out.

After our dinner theater wound down and the dishes were all cleaned, our kitchen bar turned into a soda fountain shop so that I could come up with a super awesome surprise dessert.

You're dying to know what I came up with, aren't you?

Homemade chocolate milkshakes topped with whipped cream, chocolate shavings, and a strawberry garnish.

We decided to have our dessert out on the balcony since it was a nice night.

One pleased little girl...

...and a semi-pleased little boy. (He probably would've preferred just a bowl of strawberries.)

And one happy daddy too.

With our bellies full of chocolate goodness, it did not take much to get everyone into bed that night.