Spring Home Makeover

Finally, the house is done! (Ok, that's not true at all. Is yardwork ever done? But, the stuff we paid people to do is done so...good enough.)

The front door finally arrived this week. We aren't completely happy with the work (long story) so we're hoping for a big discount, but at least there is a door up. We have also been working furiously in our yard trying to get new plants and grass to grow. I'm excited to see the progress it all (hopefully) makes over the summer.

Let's jump right in and get to the pictures, shall we? First, our house before it all started.

And now, our house the way it looks today!

What a transformation! Doc and I are both very pleased with the green we ended up choosing. It took a couple of days getting used to it, but now it feels like home.

Here's a breakdown of what all has happened.

A) New creamy white paint on all the trim. B) Custom green paint on the body of the house. C) Balcony door painted black, along with a fresh coat on all the shutters. D) Adirondack chairs on balcony painted black. E) New front door with windows. We plan to add blinds soon so we're not always on display. F) Seven new Euonymus Manhattans planted - four across the front and three along the side. G) Hedges shaped and colorful flowers added to planters. H) Gardenia planted at front right corner - smells heavenly!

Other things have been done too that you can't see in these pictures. We bought an edger so we no longer have to be the overgrown-grass-on-the-sidewalk house. Doc has thrown down lots of dirt, sand, and grass seed in our low, bare areas. New baby grass is already starting to sprout.

We also purchased a new grill and washed all the cushion covers on our side patio. We're all set for a cookout!

Still to be done: find new throw pillows for the adirondack chairs up front, both upstairs and downstairs. They are green now but didn't really survive the washing machine. And, let's be honest, that makes for a little too much green going on.  I'm looking for some in a jewel tone, I think. Fuchsia? Magenta? I don't want orange because my flowers are pink. Yellow could maybe work. What do you think?

It is no coincidence that our guard dog is black and wears a green collar.

Here's side-by-side before and after of the house so you have a good comparison. I'm so glad its "done!"