New Baby: First Meeting

The truth: these pictures aren't from my first meeting with the new baby.  They're from my camera's first meeting, which was day two for the new baby.  Yes, I stupidly forgot to take my camera with me to the hospital the day he was born.  But I made up for it the next day by snapping 3,284 pictures.  Ok, slight exaggeration, but there are a lot of them. Before we jump into the day two pictures, let me back up to day one.  Erin (my sister-in-law) was scheduled to be at the hospital at 3:45 am to be induced.  My parents kept Parker (Ben and Erin's 3-year-old) Friday night and the 3 of them picked me up on their way to the hospital.  Anna spent the morning using her Easy Bake Oven to make a birthday cake for the new baby (she was so sad she didn't get to go to the hospital, but when you're 10, sleepovers with friends come first).  Throughout Erin's pregnancy, Parker has insisted that his little brother's name would be Target.

She decorated the cake like the Target bullseye.  Hilarious.

My parents didn't tell Parker what was happening that day until they left for the hospital.  He had on his Big Brother shirt when they arrived at our house.

You can't have birthday cake without singing the birthday song and blowing out a candle, so we let Parker do that for his baby brother.

After the birthday party, we grabbed the cake, loaded into the car, and hit the road.  And my poor camera was left sitting there on the counter...

Now we can get to the Day Two pictures!  Doc and I went to the hospital after church and walked in right as the rest of my family arrived and pictures were being taken of the new family of four.

Parker was so excited to see "his baby" again.

I think he's gonna be a good big brother.

The first person the baby got passed to was Jett.

Sweet cousins!

All the little people (our kids had already gone home).

We got kicked out of the room for a few minutes while the nurse came in to check on mama and baby.  While we were waiting out in the hall, I snapped this picture of Bren.  I'm afraid my 3-year-old niece might be more stylish than me.  And I would kill for her hair.

Back in the room, I was finally able to get some good pictures of the man of the hour!  At this point in the weekend, he was still nameless.  I'm happy to announce, though, that at 3:30 Monday morning, his name was officially decided.

This is David Ramer.  He'll go by Ramer, my mother's maiden name.

I had to unwrap his hands so I could see his little fingers.

And his little feet!  His daddy said his anklet was because he was on house arrest.

Brennie was too shy to hold him, but she did spend a few minutes petting his little head.


Look at those cheeks!  Right now we think he kinda looks like my brother, but that could definitely change.

Doc love, love, loves holding babies when they're this little.  If he could get paid to hold newborns all day, he'd make a career change.

I finally got a turn too!

Beth saw a few sleepy grins while she held him, but I couldn't quite catch them with my camera.

Aunt Elizabeth and Ramer.

Beth and her two sweet babies, who look like giants now compared to Ramer!

Wait, did I say sweet?  I meant wild and crazy!

(Kidding - they really are sweet peas.)

After we'd all had our turns holding Ramer, we said our goodbyes.  Brennie gave Parkie (that's what they call each other, no joke) a hug goodbye.

We left the baby in my dad's hands, still asleep and completely oblivious that he'd just been held by a swarm of new people.

I went back the next day for more snuggles and had a mini photo shoot.  Pictures coming soon!