Ramer's First Photoshoot

Here is where I pretend I'm a photographer and post the pictures from my photoshoot with new baby Ramer.  Here is also where you laugh in my face, sigh, and think, oh, she has so much to learn.  I know these are far from perfect; I have not mastered exposure and composition and softening a baby's skin in photoshop, but Ramer is perfect and so that makes them worth sharing. These pictures were taken on day 3 of his new life, the day he came home from the hospital.  The daylight was quickly slipping away and all I had for props was a basket and a couple of blankets.  He was sleeping soundly and I just laid him in the basket and wrapped him up.

I love this profile shot with that upper lip sticking out.

Whew!  Taking photos is hard work and can wear a little boy out.  And look!  His daddy's already taught him how to throw up deuces.

We tried to go for more poses but I got the hint that he didn't really want to do that.

My dad was not happy that I was snapping pics while Ramer was crying, so he scooped him and said the photoshoot was over.  It didn't take him too long to snuggle in and fall back asleep.

Just for good measure, here's a picture of big brother who was being entertained by Doc during the photoshoot.

I have about a billion more pictures that I just haven't edited yet.  I really don't know how some people edit every picture on their blog before posting them...it takes forever!  I think we're going to try another shoot this weekend so maybe I'll get some better ones!