Family Fun Weekend

Last weekend Doc's parents were here for a visit.  The last time they were here, Katie Wynn was just barely sitting up on her own, and now she's crawling all over the place and pulling up on everything.  I think they agree that she's grown up a lot in just two months!  Thank goodness for my mother-in-law, Patricia, who snapped pics throughout the weekend.  She gets credit for most of the photos in this post. They arrived late Wednesday afternoon so they were able to keep KW all day Thursday while we were both at work.  They spent some time playing on the floor with the giant ballapalooza.  I love this photo below because it looks like Katie Wynn is sitting indian-style.

Doggie kisses from Lolli!  This is a regular occurrence at our house.

Standing up to play with her toy.  I love a good ruffle on the booty. :)

Bill (Poppa) spent a lot of time helping KW learn to hold her bottle herself.

She knows how to fold it fine, but usually it's more like this.  She doesn't know how to tilt it back so she can get the milk.

Just feeding herself like a big girl!

We're learning that we have to be very careful with where we set things.  Now, instead of just Lolli trying to sniff out some food on the coffee table, there's an extra set of hands going for it too.

I hate that this picture turned out blurry.  Katie Wynn was hanging out with me while I got ready for the day, and found my stash of velcro rollers.  I tried to put one in her hair and barely caught it on camera before it slid right out.

Bill and Pat were sweet enough to keep all three kids (and Lolli!) for a good portion of the day Saturday so that Doc and I could go to a wedding.  Judging from the pictures, I'd say they had a pretty good afternoon!  Looks like there was a walk and some bike-riding.

Some basketball playing by the boys.

And some hanging out in the bed of the truck for the girls.

This orange monkey is officially Katie Wynn's favorite toy.  She loves it!  Unfortunately, so does Lolli so that gets a little tricky sometimes.  Orange Monkey has velcro on his hands so he can hang on things.  Sunday afternoon he was hanging on to Katie for a piggy back ride.

I'm not really sure she realized where he was.

Late that afternoon we spent some time hanging out on the back patio.

There are times when her cuteness just overwhelms me.  This was one of those times.

Sadly, Lala and Poppa had to hit the road back home Monday morning.  But not before some quick playing time.  Katie Wynn was sporting her trendy pocket tee like all the big girls around here wear.

That's it for last weekend's recap.  Like I said, I didn't get out my camera so I'm so thankful to Bill and Pat for capturing all of these moments!  It was a great, family-filled weekend!