March is my favorite month (I'm pretty sure I've already explained why) and so far, March 2012 is shaping up to be pretty swell.  Now that we're all moved in to the Beach House, I've got all this extra time on my hands and since the weather's been semi-decent, we've been able to enjoy doing some fun stuff!  I haven't been great about taking pictures but I'll go ahead and get caught up on what I do have pictures of... Last weekend was our weekend with the kids.  We invited my parents to join us for dinner (flank steaks! and homemade ice cream!) and after they left for the night, I took this picture.

It's not a very good picture at all, but here's what's going on:  all four of us (five if you count Lolli who was sitting on my shoulder) were sitting on the couch using some kind of tech-y device.  The tv wasn't even on.  Wyatt was on his laptop, Anna had her iPod Touch, and Doc and I both had out our iPhones.  It's no secret that I'm terrified of technology taking over the world, so this was slightly alarming to me.  Hopefully this is not what family nights of the future will look like.

Speaking of sitting lined up in a row, the next day we ventured out for a family movie.  We haven't had time to do this in forever!  (In fact, I've already been to the movie theater twice in 2012, which is some kind of record for me.)  We brought Jett with us and the kids voted to see The Lorax.  In case you can't tell by their craned necks in the dark picture below, our stop at the concession stand before going into the theater meant we got front row seats.  Super!

The movie was really cute if anyone's thinking about going to see it.  I would recommend it, especially if you have kiddos in tow.

Yesterday we were invited to join some friends on a trip to the zoo.  You know what's crazy?  This was the first time Doc and I had been to the zoo since our wedding day back in 2009!  As much time as we spent there prior to the wedding getting things planned out, it's weird that we hadn't stepped foot there since the big day.

It was a great day to be there.  The weather was great - a little cool but perfect if you were in the sun.  The animals seemed to enjoy the sunshine as much as we did.  First we saw the panda who was going to town on some bamboo.

Little Alice crouched down close for a good look.


Did you know you could ride a camel at the zoo?  I had no idea.  This could've totally changed my entrance into our wedding ceremony...

Andrew's smiling in the picture below, but rumor has it that the back seat of that camel is no luxurious ride.  Apparently there's some sort of bar down the middle that hits in all the wrong places.

Alice loved the camel ride so much she went for a round two on the carousel.

I would like to buy this elephant some moisturizing lotion.

My favorite, the giraffe!  Next time, I'm definitely feeding one.

We ended our zoo trip with a stop by the fountains.  So fascinating when you're so little!

That pretty much gets you caught up on what we've been up to the last week.  Tonight we had the first of several birthday dinners but I haven't downloaded my pictures yet.  Maybe tomorrow!