Happy Father's Day!

I suppose this is one of those better-late-than-never kind of posts.  Nine o'clock in the evening isn't too late to wish all the Dad's out there a good day, is it? Doc and I are fortunate enough to both have awesome dads that have always been very involved in our lives.  And I think we've both been very happy to adopt the other's dad as our own.  Doc's dad, Bill, welcomed me into his life as another daughter with no hesitations and always has my back when Doc tries to tease me.  He's also my eating buddy and always has a brand new bag of potato chips and french onion dip waiting on me when we visit.  He makes me laugh.  Doc and my dad have become pretty good friends too.  No matter how much time they spend together, they never seem to run out of things to talk about.  From work and the banking world to what they shot on the golf course to how to unclog a shower drain or the best way to put together a piece of furniture, they pretty much cover it all.  We love our Dads and wouldn't trade them for the world.

Unfortunately, Doc did not get to see Anna and Wyatt today since they're at the beach.  They did call him though and wish him a happy father's day.  I wrapped up a gift for him from baby girl - an embroidered Notre Dame onesie and burp cloth since her arrival will fall right in the middle of football season.  She's ready to cheer on the Irish!

My mom is out of town and she made me promise we'd take care of Dad for his special day (as if we wouldn't).  Doc and I invited him to join us for brunch at a new restaurant on S. Main.  The weather was so nice we were able to eat outside.

This restaurant is so new that they're still working out a lot of kinks and nailing down menu items.  We all had a waffle and I know it doesn't look like much, but it was probably the best waffle I've ever had.

While the boys chatted (I'm telling you, they talk about anything and everything), I went ahead and helped myself to a little dessert - a root beer float.  I can't help it; I'm eating for two.

Sadly, that was about the extent of our Father's Day celebration.  We knocked out a huge project this weekend, though, so I'll be back with pictures of that soon.