Swimming with Cuties

We spent our Memorial Day holiday hanging out at my brother's pool.  I know, that was, like, a month ago but I'm posting these pictures anyway!  The Sunday before we had no idea how we were going to spend our day off work, so of course we were more than thrilled when my sister-in-law Erin invited us over for the day.  An afternoon in the sun by the pool?  Yes, please.  And with my favorite little cuties?  Heck yes! Will you forgive me if once again I post unedited photos?  It's getting close the 9pm and this girl's already getting tired!

Ben and Erin took on most of the cooking (I should actually probably just say Erin) and made BBQ chicken, hot dogs, and hamburgers.  Erin outdid herself and made three flavors of homemade ice cream - vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry banana.  They just asked the rest of us to bring snacks to go with all of that, so I prepared fresh fruit skewers.  Since I had so many grapes left over, I also made a tray of cute green caterpillars for the kids.  (Can't take credit for the idea - I saw it online somewhere, I'm just not sure where).  They were super easy - grapes on a skewer with mini chocolate chips.  I used melted white chocolate to make the chips stick.

I'll try to limit my commentary tonight and keep this short and sweet.  Basically, just picture the girls in lounge chairs chit-chatting, the boys playing pool basketball, and the kids running and splashing and shooting water guns.  Oh, and if you can, also picture my brothers and husband taking turns diving through a tiny kid-sized inner tube to see who could make it through.  Only one did and I won't name names, but it's the one sitting on the couch next to me right now.  It was very interesting getting to watch the other two figure out how to wiggle out of that floatie.

Doc is always popular with the kids.

I had a short photoshoot with these two, but we had to start with silly faces.

Kissing cousins.  (Again!)

Parker and his woman...

I can't leave out this cutie!


That chunky monkey was squeezed into his bumbo seat and he was perfectly content watching everyone swim.

But he had lots of visitors stop by to talk to him too.

In case you're wondering, Jett was also there but he was too cool for my camera.  I hope that doesn't last long.

One last pic before I sign off.  Poor Parker just couldn't keep those 3T swim trucks up.  At least he has a cute little bootie.

Now it's my bedtime...g'night!