Thinkin' Pink!

Doc and I knocked out a big outdoor project over the last two weekends that I can't wait to share with you all.  But first, to get you in the outdoor mood, wanna see the flowers I planted this year? It wasn't long after our gender revealment party that I headed to Home Depot to get new flowers for all of our beds.  I must've had pink on the brain because that's the only color I came home with!  I have two triple-tier flower pots on our patio that I love and for them, I bought a bunch of vincas (similar to impatiens, but better!).  I chose an assortment of pinks to fill up the pots; we have some that are bright fuschia with white centers like these.


And we have some that are the opposite - white with fuschia centers.


If those two were to kiss and make baby flowers, they'd probably look like these pale pink ones.


So now our two triple-tier pots are occupied by a big family of happy pink flowers!


A view from the top.  I'm pleased with how these have already started filling in.

Staying in the courtyard, we also have this potted hydrangea.  My sister-in-law Beth gave it to me for Mother's Day - it's pink for baby girl.  It had beautiful pink blooms on it but they didn't survive while we were at the beach for a week.  I'm currently nursing it back to health and really hope we get to see more blooms this summer.

Also in the courtyard are these three pots that sit on the patio table.  Two are full of more fuschia flowers leftover from the beds.  The other has two teeny, tiny pine trees.  Each employee at my work was given a small pine tree last fall at a tree planting ceremony to celebrate our 50th anniversary (I ended up with two thanks to a coworker that didn't want hers).  They've definitely grown since I planted them but at the rate they're going, it may be years before I can put them in the ground!

Moving on to the backyard - if you can even call it that - we have a row of more fuschia and white flowers.


I don't remember what these are called - anyone know their name?  The fuschia ones are solid and the white ones look a little tie-dyed-ish.


In the front yard, I planted more vincas in the two flower beds that line our sidewalk.  They haven't started multiplying as well as the ones in the pots yet.

And, keeping with tradition, I planted zinnias underneath our Japanese Maple.

I usually go with lots of colors for the zinnias, but Home Depot only had pink at the time.  It's like they knew my color scheme!

That completes our Tour de Pink.  I do have another plant update for you, though.  Remember these pots I did back in April?  They started out like this.


Well, they've definitely done some growing!  They've filled in quite nicely.


I love the way they look flanking our front door.

And now this gets us teed up and ready to talk about the project we just completed.  I'll start working on those posts tonight!