Family Pics

Last weekend everyone in my family gathered so we could attempt some family portraits.  It was a windy day so it could've been disastrous, but I'm pleased to say we managed to get some decent shots!  I'm not going to share a couple of my favorites just yet since they'll be used on Christmas cards, but here are a few from the shoot. We met at this really old house that sits on the side of the road in my home town.  Luckily, it didn't fall over while we were there!

Kissin' cousins!

My parents and all their grandchildren.

Same picture, but with the middle generation added.  I don't love this one since we seem to be standing in the shadows, but oh well. 

My oldest brother, Nick, and his family.

My other brother, Ben, and his family.

Me and my family!  (Not my favorite one of us, but ok.)


My parents.  I love this one of them!

The last shot of the day...after everyone was tired of smiling for the camera.

(I had to make that one smaller because my blog wanted to crop out Jett and Wyatt.)

Since Ramer couldn't be in that last photo, here's one of just him that I took several weeks back and forgot to post.

That's a wrap!