Birthday Celebration: 2 of 3

In case you missed it, part one is here. In my family, when it's your birthday you get to choose whatever you want to eat and that's what my mom will make for dinner. Excited about some good home cooking, Doc and I quickly changed clothes after work and headed to my parents' house.

We were greeted with big smiles from my littlest nephew.

Isn't he the cutest? He loves his momma too.

But we all have to have a meltdown every now and then, right?

Next to arrive was the bigger nephew. He got to carry in my present and quickly let me know that it was "bweakable."  I told him I could see all his chest hairs since he forgot to button his shirt.

His little sister just did not want to have anything to do with me when she arrived.

Once everyone got there, it was finally time to eat! But first, I took pictures for you guys so you could see what you missed out on.

Poppyseed chicken:

Green bean bundles:

Potato casserole:


All prepared by my sweet, sweet mom:

It was all so delicious. Thanks, mom!

Remember my niece that didn't want anything to do with me? All it took was a little bit of under-the-table peekaboo to clear that up. At least for a minute.

Wanna see what presents I got? They're coming up next!