Birthday Celebration: 3 of 3

Just joining us? Part one can be found here and part two is here. We wrapped up the party with dessert and presents. Of course I had to have a helper since I had so many gifts.

Here we are inspecting the "bweakable" humming bird feeder that he and his family gave me. It's very cool and I can't wait to find a spot to hang it - hopefully right outside a window. We had already oohed and ahhed over the insulated picnic bag you can see on the table. I have a feeling that will come in handy on trips to the park.

We also opened up some new clothes and a photography book.

The last gift was a new purse. We looked aaaaaalllll through it but unfortunately, it was not full of money.  Good thing it's cute!

It was a good, good birthday. I can't wait to do it again next year!

I'll leave you with some more random pictures from the night. Enjoy.