Sweet Shop

Well, it's Hullabaloo time again and, like last year, we needed some things to donate.  That probably makes absolutely no sense at all, so allow me to explain.  Every October, our church has what we call a Hullabaloo, which is essentially a big fundraiser for the church.  It's a Saturday event and there's a rummage sale, silent auction, food, games, face painting, country store, and sometimes a petting zoo or pony rides.  Something for everybody. My mom and I choose to participate by donating items to the silent auction.  It's a lot easier than manning a booth all day during the event or selling barbecue tickets beforehand with the rest of the town.  Call me lazy, but at least I'm honest.  This year, I did donate a couple of items I already had made in the shop, but our main focus was making a couple more card table tents.  There are a lot of kids in our church and we're hoping they'll do well in the silent auction.

As with both of the other tents we've done, my mom's had the brunt of the work.  Usually I help out by drawing and cutting out fabric, but this time she even did most of that.  So when I say "we" made tents, I really just mean her.  She's so good.

The idea for the first one was emailed to me by a friend (Hi Sarah!) after she saw the others we did.  At the time, I only had the one picture she sent me to go off of, but I just now googled it and oh my goodness, there are some cute ones on this site!  I've never visited Parties and Patterns until today and now I wish I had a lot earlier, especially since the picture Sarah sent me was from the pattern you can buy for just five bucks.  D'oh!


Isn't that the cutest tent you've ever seen?  We decided to give it a go but since we were under some pretty quick time constraints, we cut out a LOT of the details.  Of course, the details are what makes it so cute so we tried to do as many as we could, but since we were trying to crank out two in time for the silent auction, we couldn't do it all.  (We were originally going to just do one, but since this one is so girly, we decided we needed a boy one too.)

I guess you can't tell us how we did without seeing pictures, so let's get to it.  Oh, I should add, though, that while we were laying out our pattern we figured out the table in our example picture is taller than ours so lots of adjustments had to be made.

The front of our Sweet Shop:

By the front door are lollipops in a variety of flavors.

On one side of the tent, you can step up to the window to order some cupcakes.

They have cherries on top!

If cupcakes aren't your thang, then we can't be friends you can step around to the opposite side for an ice cream cone.

And if you really just aren't sure what you want, you can go around back to check the menu board and see what you can afford.

I have a serious sweet tooth, so this tent might be my favorite one yet.  So glad they're open!

Even though I really, really love this one, the boy one we made is pretty cute too.  I'll be back with it next...