Police Station

Aaaand I'm back with the tent we made for the boys (since the Sweet Shop was way too girly). Originally, we were just going to do another Pirate tent since it was pretty easy to crank out.  We bought black sheets for the background and cut them to size.  But then we go to thinking and did we really want to take a skull-and-crossbones tent to our church's silent auction?  I'm sure it would've been fine if we had but we switched it up anyway.  A police station seemed safe.  We saw several different versions online, but in the end, the one we used as our inspiration was from Miss Pretty Pretty's etsy shop (same place we found the pirate tent).

I've gotta hand it to my mom - she did all the freehand drawing (and sewing, of course) on this one.  And having the black background definitely made it challenging, especially on the side with the card.  Had we not already bought and cut the black sheets, we would have gone with a different color background.

The front:

The mailbox to the left of the door has a flap you can lift up so you can stick mail inside the pocket.

On one side is a friendly waving cop.

His police car is parked around back.

The third side is my favorite.  It's where you can step up to the table to pay your tickets, and you can also see all the bad guys behind bars.

Here's a zoomed out pic of the police station.

And here are the two latest tents side by side.  Their colors are so different!  I kinda wish we'd had Bren's and Parker's tents too...we could've had a mini tent town!

My mom and I have already dropped the tents off at the church for the silent auction.  The tables ($29.99 from Target) go home with the tents too.  I really hope they're well-received by everyone bidding in the auction.  Any bets on how much they'll go for?