A Post Without A Point

I couldn't think of a good title.  Mostly because I don't really have anything to write about, just a couple of pictures to share.  So, a post without a point. I bought a new pumpkin decoration to officially ring in the fall season.  Isn't it cute?

Oh wait, here, let me zoom in.

I think I'm slightly obsessed with door decorations.  It's ridiculous how insanely excited I get over a cute new doormat, and I was the same way about this pumpkin.  It's bright, it's cute, it pops against the house.  Oh, and it's reversible!  When it gets closer to Halloween, I can flip it to this:

Love it.

Last Saturday, I was chatting with my mom and both of my sisters-in-law when we lost site of Bren and Parker.  It didn't take us long to find them.

Even if there hadn't been lots of giggling going on behind there, the little feet sticking out would've given them away.  Three-year-olds are so funny!

You know who else is funny?  Lollipop.  I think the expression on her face in this picture kinda makes her look like a cartoon character.

She's feisty and still has lots of puppy energy, but she has sweet moments too.

(After the last time she got groomed, I thought her new haircut made the hair on her ears look really long, so I took out my scissors and gave them a little trim.  Now she's rockin' a "triangle" do.  Oops.)

She still hasn't lost all of her baby teeth, but her adult teeth came in anyway.  She's got front row and back row teeth.  I think it's kinda funny.

Fall tv is back and I'm glad.  This could be bad for my blogging because there are so many new shows I want to watch, plus all of my old regulars, and it's hard to type and watch at the same time.  In fact, I'm signing off now so I can get to watching.

Happy fall, y'all!