Pumpkin Treats

I'm back with yet another fall project.  This one was more than just fun and easy...it was tasty too! Saturday morning, I whipped up a batch of pumpkin rice krispie treats.  I've seen different versions of these all over the web, so I'm not sure where the idea originated (rice krispie website, maybe?).  I first saw them here.  I'm sure there are tons of different ways to do them, but here's my method (and I bet it's the easiest!).

I had generic crispy rice cereal on hand, so it's what I used.  I think they were called Krispy Rice, or something like that.  I also used a whole bag of jumbo marshmallows.  I like my rice krispie treats to be extra ooey, gooey, and marshmallow-y, so I went all in. :)  Here are my supplies.  Not pictured is the butter.

I melted less than a half a stick of butter on the stove, and added the bag of marshmallows to the pot.  Once they were mostly melted, I added some Wilton orange food coloring.  Red and yellow would work fine too.

It turned my mixture a nice shade of orange.  In hindsight, I could've probably gone a little oranger.

I don't know exactly how much of the crispy rice cereal I added - maybe 5 cups?  I just kept added until I was ok with the consistency.

Anna was my helper for the assembly process.  She unwrapped the tootsie rolls while I rolled the pumpkin balls.  The marshmallow mix was still pretty warm.

As I rolled the pumpkins, I used my finger to make a small indention for her to stick the tootsie roll.

I had a small can of frosting already, so I added some green food coloring to it to make a few leaves.  I didn't really try hard so they don't look exactly like leaves, but I think the extra color still helps.

My finished plate of pumpkins.  The best part was definitely eating them up!