Beach House Won'ts

  I'll admit that, with my southern accent, a lot of times my wants sound like won'ts and vice versa.  I can't help it, they just kinda come out the same.  When it comes to the beach house, I can talk about my wants all day long.  I want a vacation house (check!), I want plenty of bedrooms (check!), I want horizontal paneled walls (check!).  But by no means do I get everything I want.  I want a house on the beach (not in this lifetime!), I want a third floor (not with our budget!), I want dark hardware (vetoed by everyone else!).

But the wants aren't what this post is all about.  Today, I'm here to write about the won'ts...the things you won't see in our beach house (at least not as long as I have a say-so in the decorating!).  When Doc and I were in Florida last, the condo we stayed in had lots of things that won't be in our beach house, so I was able to snap pictures for examples.  The condo was perfectly fine and lovely for us to stay in, it's just very different from what we're planning.

Our bedding purchases have already been made, so I can tell you for certain, there won't be any beach-themed bedspreads.  This one, as you can see, was polka-dotted with palm trees, surfboards, flowers, and dune buggies.

We don't quite have all the artwork picked out or made, but I do know that there won't be any surfers hanging above any beds.

You won't be able to find palm trees on any of the lamps in our beach house.

In the living room, we won't decorate the top of the entertainment center with just two tiny knick-knacks.

We won't have any beach chair picture frames, and any picture frames that we do have won't be left empty.

I'm not 100% sure, but I'm pretty certain we won't stick seashells in any short, clear vases.

Any dish we set out on the coffee table won't be shaped like a Hawaiian shirt.

Sadly, in our house, we won't have any seashells-on-a-candlestick.

And finally, for the dining table, our centerpiece won't be an oversized margarita glass filled with seashells and faux grass.

I hope I haven't disappointed anyone too much.  Is there anything else we should add to the won't list?

My brother and his wife are going to check on the house this weekend.  They'll be giving our paint color choices, picking out tile for the bathrooms, and selecting our hardwood for the floors!  Hopefully I'll have updated pictures soon.