I've got a quick and fun project for you before I recap our weekend.  The good news is I got my camera out and was very "snap happy."  The bad news is that means I have LOTS of pictures to go through.  I'm tired just thinking about it. Right now, I'm here to talk about Lollipops...the candy, not the dog.  I cannot take credit for this idea, I found the idea here, but I can tell you that they are awesome, easy, and delicious.  My coworkers gobbled these up so quickly that I've already had to make a second batch.

First, gather your supplies.  Jolly Ranchers (I could only find the original flavors but I bet the other flavors would just take this to the next level!) and lollipop sticks.  You'll also need a cookie sheet and parchment paper.

Line your cookie sheet with parchment paper and unwrap all the Jolly Ranchers.  Place them in groups of three on the cookie sheet.  Make sure that the candies in each group are touching and that you save enough room between the groups to add the sticks.

With your oven heated to 200 degrees, slide the cookie sheet in and let the Jolly Ranchers melt.  This took me anywhere from 7 - 10 minutes (not sure why the differences between batches).

Remove your cookie sheet from the oven when the candies have melted enough to push a stick into them.  When adding the sticks, push them down and twist so that the candy covers both sides.  You've got to work fast because they harden back up pretty quickly!  I had Anna helping me and we worked from opposite ends of the cookie sheet (this is a  great project for kids!).

The lollipops harden back up within 5 minutes and then they're done!  Pictured below is watermelon, grape, green apple - by far my favorite combination!

I picked up a few baggies at Michael's that came with little bows so we could package our lollipops up.


The second set I just wrapped in saran wrap and it worked just as well but they obviously weren't as cute.

What are you waiting for?  Go make yourself a batch!