Mirror and Other Things

The mirror that I needed your help with is done.  Since I forgot to take pictures of it for that post, here are some now.  This is how it looked when I got it (after I taped off the mirror part to paint).

The edges were really chipped and you could see the original gold peeking through.

The weather was so nice this past Sunday that I was able to drag the mirror outside to paint.  I didn't take any in-process pictures, but basically I decided to go with a blend of colors.  I filled a plate with white, black, grey, khaki, and yellow paints and had no rhyme or reason with how they went on.  I just dipped my brush, sometimes in two colors at once, and brushed them on.  Sometimes I blended them in, sometimes I didn't.  The end result is mostly grey, but with hints of other colors.

A closer view of one of the edges.  We're going to keep the mirror taped up until we get it moved into the house, so we'll have to wait a while to really see it in its "after" state.

While I was working on this mirror, my brother Nick was also out painting another one.  His started out as stained wood and his job was to paint it solid white.  It's for one of the Jack and Jill bedrooms.

Nick wasn't the only one I put to work.  Doc worked on spray painting a couple of luggage racks that we bought at an estate sale.

(I had my exposure settings on a wonky setting when I took these, that's why they look so blown out.  My bad.)

Speaking of the luggage racks, I finished them up last night.  One is now white with grey and white polka dot straps and the other is cream with burlap-y straps.


Back to the backyard painting party.  Dad was put on bed duty.  We found this [brand new, not used] headboard and footboard a while back for 200 bones.

Problem #1: a headboard and footboard do not a queen bed make.  But did you know you can just buy side rails off the internet?  Yessir you can.  And with the addition of those, we had a whole bed.  Problem #1 solved.

Problem #2: the bed was brown.  We needed it white.  Luckily, Doc was able to pitch in and help Dad with the painting and with that, problem #2 was solved.  (Actually, it's mostly solved.  It still needs one more coat of paint.)

If you ask me, the bed looks better white than it did brown.  Winning!

Mom didn't get off the hook either.  She was on polyurethane duty as soon as the mirrors were dry enough.

So it was a long day with all of us hard at work.  Luckily, we had a pretty cute girl cheering us on.

If we manage to get all these painted pieces to Florida without royally scratching them up, it'll be a miracle.  Cross your fingers for us!