For The Walls

Even though we have all the paintings that Beth cranked out, and even the one I did, we still felt like we might need a few more items to cover the walls.  Not everything could be paintings though, so we had to get creative. For the first project, I used this piece of ocean grass that Doc's mom found on the beach during our trip to Topsail, NC.  I thought it was pretty cool while we were there and ended up bringing it home with me.

The steps for this one were simple.  First, the ocean grass got spray painted white.  Then, we covered the background of a shadow box (from Hobby Lobby) with the same turquoise fabric that we're using in one of the Jack and Jill bedrooms.  Finally, we tacked the ocean grass in on top of the turquoise background.  Easy peasy.

I also brought home some really cool flat stones that Pat also found on the beach.  We glued them down in another shadow box to having a semi-matching piece of art.  These two may end up in the Jack and Jill bathroom.

While at Hobby Lobby picking up the shadow boxes, I also grabbed a big canvas.  This next wall art was inspired by this one I found on Pinterest.  (I think that one was a knock-off that someone else did too; I'm not sure who gets credit for the original idea.)

I painted the background grey and cut out a bunch of petals out of fabrics that coordinate with our color scheme in the Jack and Jill bedrooms.  I used another flat stone from the beach in Topsail as the center of my fabric, and then mod podged on all my fabric petals to make a big flower.

This last project we actually finished a while back, I just keep forgetting to share it.  This beadboard creation is pretty much just like the one my mom has in her house, except we did the frame white instead of brown.  This will go at the top of the stairs over the fuse box.

We're getting to scratch lots of things off our Beach House To Do List and it's a good feeling!