We're still hard at work trying to finish up some projects before we move into the beach house this month.  There are so many in different stages so I'm going to have to break them into different posts.  Today is all about the lamps.  Well, only 3 of them. If you've been reading for a while, you may remember this post when we scored some really good deals on a lot of lamps.  In that group of lamps were these two that needed a mini makeover.

We loved their shape but they were pretty scuffed up and didn't have lampshades.  No problem to us, those are easy fixes.

A couple coats of khaki spray paint later, and they were looking like this.

The paint adhered really well and had a smooth, even coverage.

At Target, I picked up a pair of linen drum shades.  We popped them on top of the freshly painted lamps.

These two lamps are for the master bedroom and will sit on top of the Ikea Rast bedside tables we made over.

That's a whole lotta neutral going on, but we've got some pattern planned for the bed and curtains, so hopefully it'll look ok in the room.

Moving on to the third lamp, this is one I found in my mom's attic.

Now that is GOLD, and not in a good way at all.

Before spending any time on this, we had to find a bulb and make sure it still worked.  It did!  Game on.

Once again, we grabbed a can of spray paint.  This time it was turquoise.  A couple coats of paint and bam, Goldilocks was gone.

Clearly, there was no way that shade from the 80s was going back on.  This new shade also came from Target and has a little bit of texture on it.

Here's the full after shot.  Much better, right?

Now we'll be able to see the light at the beach house.  Ba-dum-chh.  More projects to come!