Wyatt's Room

Before getting started on the kids' rooms, I sat down with each of them to talk about ideas they had and what they wanted their rooms to look like.  Every time I talked to Wyatt about his, all I got out of him was Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Notre Dame.  Sport?  Football.  Color scheme?  Navy and gold, of course. I suppose I could've purchased this bedroom set from Amazon and called it a day.

Yea.  No way.  I have no problems with a Notre Dame themed room, but it had to look better than that!

I wanted these rooms to be styled in a way that they would last for several years.  Wyatt is a teenager now (!) so I didn't want it kid-ish.  Plus, we unfortunately don't have a guest room, so when we have visitors they have to stay in their rooms.  I wanted them to look good enough that our guests could enjoy them too.

With all that in mind, I set out to design a navy and gold room that had touches of Notre Dame in it (as opposed to Notre Dame everything like the room pictured above).  I had a red desk that used to live in my apartment years ago that I thought would be perfect in his room too, if I could figure out how to tie in the red.  Luckily, I found the perfect duvet cover at the Pottery Barn outlet that had navy, gold, green, and red in it.  Yay!

Are you ready?  Here's how his room turned out.

View from the door:

His bedding is mismatched from all different places.  The duvet cover is from Pottery Barn outlet - I think it's actually PB Kids.  I stuffed a down alternative comforter in it that I got at Target.  The yellow blanket is also from Target.

The sheets are Nautica.  I originally found them at TJ Maxx but they only had them in King size.  Luckily I was able to find them online on Nautica's website.  Since the duvet cover didn't have shams with it, my mom made shams out of solid navy fabric - they match the solid navy bedskirt that she also made.

I was able to find some Notre Dame applique logos online that we purchased to use with my mom's embroidery machine.  She used them to make the Notre Dame throw pillow.

Above the bed is this really cool sign that Doc's parents found.  It spells out Notre Dame using architecture pieces found on ND's campus.

The bedside table is one we already had.  We added a new lamp to it (from Hobby Lobby) and a color-changing alarm clock (Target) and called it done.

On one wall is the dresser that we already had.  I love that it matches the bed so well - that was a happy accident!  On it is the lamp that used to be in the living room but got a mini update with a new lampshade.

The two stadium posters he already had, but I made some wooden frames for them out of 1x3 pine boards and painted them ND Navy Blue.


In one corner is the bookshelf we built.  It's also painted ND Navy Blue and has ND Gold trim on each of the shelves.  He already had the  gold ND football helmet, and I think it looks perfect on the shelf.

The red desk that I already had found a home down in the dormer.

On it sits the little desk lamp that I painted.  I found it at Home Goods and the inside of the globe was already navy blue.  The rest of the lamp was white but I gave it a quick coat of gold spray paint to make it more "Notre Dame."

Above the desk I hung a bulletin board.  I painted the frame of it ND Navy Blue to match the poster frames and the bookshelf.  My mom did a couple more of the logo appliques on scrap fabric so we could have something to pin up on the board.

For whatever reason, the previous owners of our house had never installed shelving in the closet in Wyatt's room.  Anna's room has it, but not his.  Doc made a trip to Home Depot to buy wire shelving and hooked him up with some new shelves!

The main light switch to the room got a football switch plate.

One day, while flipping through a Restoration Hardware Kids catalog, I found these cool wire sports racks to hold balls on the wall.  They have them for baseballs, footballs, basketballs, and soccer balls.  We ordered a football one and Doc's parents found this really cool Notre Dame football to set in it.  It's two-sided so Wyatt can switch it up whenever he wants.

And that's it!  Definitely a Notre Dame room, but a little bit on the more grown up side.  Not too boy-ish.  The best part is that Wyatt really seemed to like it.  Check this room re-do off the list!