Anna's Room

Anna's started out as a little bit more of a challenge for me because there was no real theme.  I had no jumping off point.  When I tried to pick her brain about what she liked, I couldn't ever pull anything good out of her.  Finally, I discovered that on PB Teen's website, you can design your own bed.  I pulled it up, handed her the laptop, and let her go at it so I could see what kind of bedding she liked. What she came up with looked something like this:

Every single thing was a different color.  Hmmm.  That could get interesting.  (I recreated the image above so it's not exactly what she did, but it's pretty close.)  Finally, after watching her mismatch every single item, I asked her what her three favorite things/colors were.  She picked the blue comforter (not the turquoise, but blue!), the bubble gum pink sheets (not hot pink!), and the pale purple throw pillow.  Girl was specific about her colors!

Luckily, the blue (not turquoise!) comforter was on sale so I went ahead and ordered it plus two shams right away.  I didn't order anything else at the time because I figured I could find cheaper sheets and stuff somewhere else.  Did you know that turquoise is a really hot color right now?  That's what I found out while trying to find sheets to match the blue (not turquoise!) comforter.  I searched high and low but every striped or polka dotted sheet set I found had turquoise in it.  I eventually went back to the PB Teen website and ordered the bubble gum pink polka dotted sheets and the pale purple throw pillow.  My theme for the room was officially blue, pink, and purple.

I hate that the view from her door isn't a good angle of the bed, but the layout just didn't work as well that way.  You walk in towards the side of the bed.

You have to actually step into the room to see the bed setup.  It's still colorful, but hopefully not as bad as the bed pictured above!

The monogrammed art that I did for above her bed ended up matching perfectly.

One one side of her bed is this fun multi-globe floor lamp from Target.

On the other side is the Ikea Rast dresser that we spruced up.  On it is a lamp from Home Goods and a color-changing alarm clock from Target.

The fun colorful knobs came from Hobby Lobby.

Also at Target I was able to find the most perfect little bins for her revolving bookshelf.  They came in the perfect colors and the size was as if I built the shelves to fit them (I didn't!).  I love it when things work out well like that.  I also hung a couple of her scarves on the pegs and dressed up the bulletin board with a One Direction poster and some push pins.


Speaking of One Direction, they made a couple of other appearances in her room.  I knew she was a big fan of them and needed something to hang on her 1D posters it was.  These were the last addition to the room.  I had ordered them earlier but then stupidly didn't notice that they were coming from the UK and wouldn't arrive until January.  In a frantic, I sent Doc out shopping with strict instructions not to come home unless he had posters.  He was able to find them at FYE, thank goodness.  I gotta admit, I hadn't really envisioned the two us using push pins to hang boy band posters on freshly painted walls in our new house, but I guess you do what you have to to please kids, right?

This one hangs in her dormer.

This one hangs by her door.

Anna also got a fun switch plate for the light in her room.  Hers came from Hobby Lobby.

The last piece of furniture in her room is the little vanity/desk that I made over.  It looks cute sitting in the corner (that door goes to a tiny attic space and stays closed all the time).  She already had the white jewelry box and the pink lamp came from Home Goods.

I added a couple bins to the shelves that match the ones in the revolving bookcase.

That concludes the tour of Anna's new bedroom.  Good news is she loves it!  So glad to have all three kids' rooms maybe we can finish our own!