Kids' Rooms Before

As I've already mentioned, we just finished wrapping up making over both of the big kids' rooms.  I have tons of photos to show you of each of them, but first I thought I'd show you what we started with so you can see how far we've come! Our old house was three bedroom so technically, there were enough bedrooms for us to all have our own (us in the master and one each for both kids).  But we made the decision early on to have them share one bedroom (they already had bunk beds anyway) so that the third bedroom could be used as a playroom.  Even though they are a boy and girl, it worked out well for them to share since all they did in the room was sleep, and they were only there every other weekend.

The bunk beds were great since they shared a room, but they were really pretty big and awkward in their room.  Ideally we would've put them in a corner, but there wasn't a corner in the room we could use, so they floated on a wall.  The view from the door of their room was of the end of the bunk beds.

From the bathroom door, you can see how we couldn't push the bunk beds all the way into the corner because of the window.  Also?  Decorating a room for a boy and a girl is really hard.  This bedding was purchased when they were, oh, maybe 6 and 7?

Also in their room was a dresser that matched the bunk beds.

And this little turquoise table.  The frames on the wall were hung several years ago, so the pictures are really outdated.  I tried to paint the frames to tie the colors in their PB Kids comforters together (his was navy and blue, hers was purple and aqua and green).

So that's what we had to move with us to our new house.  In this house, they each have their own room and they're joined by a bathroom.  Luckily, the bunk beds were separable, so we just pulled them apart and plopped them in their individual rooms when we moved in.

I forgot to take pictures of their rooms at the time, but here are some I took when we toured the house.  (This is the previous owner's stuff, not ours!)  I wanted to show you these so you can see how dark the rooms were.  The walls in both rooms were painted chocolate brown, and each room only has one little window that's down in a dormer so there's not much natural light at all.

The room that became Anna's:

And this is the room that became Wyatt's:

The carpet in these rooms wasn't awful, but it wasn't great either.  We promised them that they'd get new carpet when we got around to doing their rooms.

Obviously it would've been awesome if we could've done EVERYTHING between their visits so they saw it all at one time, but since we were hiring out the painting and the carpet, it just didn't all work out that way.  Here are their beds in their rooms after the walls had been painted, but before the carpet had been changed out.  I was actually taking these pictures so I could sell their bedding, but I think my mom has convinced me to keep it for future sleepovers.

The top bunk - Wyatt's - was a twin.  You can see his walls had been painted a khaki color.

The bottom bunk - Anna's - was a full.  Her walls were now turquoise instead of chocolate brown.

The new carpet and their new beds arrived in the same week.  We bought their beds from Ashley Furniture.  His is a brown slatted bed that actually goes well with the dresser we already had.

She requested white furniture which was harder to find than I thought it would be.  We lucked into finding this bed, though, and I really like it.  It's perfect for a girl's room.

So that's where their rooms were the last time they were at our house before the big reveal.  They got to see the wall colors, the new carpet, and the beds.  I did not put their new bedding on, though.  We made do with random blankets that weekend so that the bedding could stay a surprise.

Now, I'm ready to show you the rooms!  Be back soon with pics of Wyatt's first!