Kids' Bathroom

Wyatt's room is joined to Anna's room with a bathroom.  It's a Jack-and-Jill setup.  So when we started sprucing up their bedrooms, I decided it wouldn't hurt to update a few things in the bathroom too. Their bathroom was painted khaki when we moved in and we just hung up the same shower curtain that we had in the old house.  It came from Bed Bath and Beyond several years ago and we had a matching rug and hand towel to go with it.

It was fine in our other house (their bathroom was painted blue) but it was definitely time for it to go.  I wanted something a little bit more grown up and a little bit more neutral.  Nothing about their rooms coordinate with each other, so it was easiest to just pick something completely different and not try to match either of their rooms.

I spent a lot of time trying to find a cute patterned shower curtain to use, but eventually gave up and decided to go with something plain.  I found this khaki one at Target and bought colorful hooks to hang it with.  The colors of the hooks are what I used as the color scheme.  Oh, the walls got a fresh coat of paint when their rooms were painted, but we stuck with the same khaki color.

The rings are two shades of green, chocolate brown, orange, yellow, and aqua.

I bought them new towels and bathroom accessories in those same colors.  I bought four new towels - one each of green, aqua, orange, and yellow.

I bought hand towels in the same four colors, but monogrammed two of them in chocolate brown.  Their soap dispensers are in coordinating colors too.

There's nothing fancy about their bathroom, but I'm glad it has fresh new towels and shower curtain in it.  Sometimes it just takes a couple little things to make a big difference!