March Phone Pics

The month of March was made extra-sweet with hot chocolate sticks and chocolate ice cream cones!

In mid-March, Matt and I took a trip to Phoenix to see his cousin, Jonah, get married.  We left the kids with my parents (thanks, Mom and Dad!) and had our first airBNB experience.  While the house we rented had a few kinks to work out (I think we were their first renters?), it was definitely a good experience and one I think we'll do again!  We had perfect Arizona weather - clear skies and sunshiney days followed by crisp, cool evenings.  The house we were in had a great pool but brrr!  It needed a heater!  I was slightly obsessed with the lemon tree in the backyard.  Just look out how big these lemons are!  I brought some home as souvenirs.  :)

We had a full weekend of events to celebrate Jonah and his new bride, Maggie, starting with a rooftop rehearsal dinner on Friday night.

The wedding was held at the coolest venue - an estate with a house (where the whole wedding party and family stayed), beautifully landscaped lawns, pavilions, ponds, sand volleyball court, basketball court, tennis court, outdoor kitchen and bar, and more.  We arrived shortly before the 3pm wedding start.

After a beautiful ceremony out on the lawn overlooking the lake, we were treated to a sit-down dinner, speeches, slideshows, a night full of dancing, and a cookie truck that served up the most delicious warm cookie sundaes ever.  

We left the reception before the party bus picked up the youngins that wanted to keep partying.  :)  

The next morning, we returned to the venue for a brunch and hangout time before flying back home.  It was a great weekend for a wedding!

I brought home "melting" Easter bunnies for the kids to play with as the holiday approached.  They loved them and immediately played with them on the kitchen table.  It's basically a ball of silly putty that you mold into a figure and press in the plastic bunny features.  They "melt" down to be flattened blobs after a few minutes, or in our case, overnight.  These were a nightly dinner time activity all through Lent!

Katie Wynn's spring break started off with a bang.  And by bang, I mean strep throat.  Poor girl got hit hard out of nowhere.  We were actually at a birthday party when we realized that she really did not feel well, and I decided she felt warm.  We took her straight to a Saturday clinic and sure enough, it was a strep diagnosis.  Poor girl slept her first day of vacation away.

Thank goodness for antibiotics that work quickly!  She was back to her normal self by the next day and able to celebrate my birthday and help blow out my candles.  Yes, the girl with strep got to spit all over my cake.  :)

Here are just a few pictures of us getting to play outside in the nice weather!

By the end of the month, we had our bunny clothes out and were ready for Easter to come!

I can't believe how quickly this year is flying by!