April Phone Pics

Picture this: it's early on a Sunday morning.  Like, super early.  Kids were up at 6:00am and it's your turn to take the early shift.  Sleepy-eyed, you let the dog out and shuffle into the laundry room to throw last night's forgotten load of laundry into the dryer.  You're bent over, shoving damp clothes into the dryer and you rise up to see this:


The first April Fool's Joke of the day was on me and no one even knew they had played it!  Screaming and jumping, I nearly wet my pants before checking to see if that gargantuan, dangerous, poisonous, scary spider was real or not.  

After pulling myself back together - definitely awake now! - I snapped the picture and fired off an Instagram post about little boy's laundry was not for the faint of heart; never know what you'll find in their pockets.  Fast forward to later in the day when I was again in the laundry room and quizzing Thomas on the origins of the scariest spider ever.  "Where did you get this?  Who gave you this spider?" As he stared at me blankly, Katie Wynn popped up behind him and shouted, "Hey!  That's mine!  Where'd you find that?!"  

Oy.  Life with girls is not for the faint of heart.


There's just nothing better than clean kids after a bath!  Especially when they're wrapped up in matching hooded towels.  :)

In April we attended the kids' school's annual Wine and Cheese fundraiser.  It's always a fun grown-up night with our friends, even if it does end up costing a fortune after we tally up our Silent Auction winnings (and raffle tickets, dinner tickets, babysitter, etc...).  I didn't get a picture with my cute date, but I did get one of me and the girls.


Since Easter was in April, we spent a night during the month dying Easter eggs.  This was the first time I really let the little kids do their own, and they loved it!


We spent some time playing outside and lounging in our Eno hammock. 


This month we started our first season ever of T-Ball!  Our, er Katie Wynn's, first practice outfit really hit the ball out of the park.  Cute matching exercise clothes from Walmart (shirt tucked in, of course), new socks, first pair of real tennis shoes, and all topped with a big ol' bow.  I took her with me to pick out her new glove and naturally she picked an orange one.  T-Ball is getting a whole post of its own because it was such a fun season!


This boy right here.  Oh, he knows every trick in the book to prolong a bed time.  He has a million questions, needs a drink of water (warm not cold), has to teetee, wants a "huggie, kissy," wants a story, needs a song, et cetera, et cetera.  He will drive you bonkers and make you go crazy but, when he finally sleeps, oh!  Then he's just the absolute sweetest.  Time is just going way too fast with this little one.


You know what they say about April Showers, right?  They make big mud puddles!  Katie Wynn enjoyed an afternoon of puddle stomping in her Mimi's and Poppy's yard.


Our buddy Levi delivered donuts one Saturday morning and he showed up in matching jammies!  Couldn't have planned it better if we'd tried.  His momma and I enjoyed an early morning visit while the kids loaded up on sugar and drove the Mini Cooper around the house.  Maybe we should plan more playdates for 7:00am.  


This monthly post wouldn't be complete without some Mint Tulip matching clothes modeling!  This month we wore bunny rabbits to a birthday party and lighthouses to a Redbirds game.  


Now, on to May!