February Phone Pics

My New Year's Resolution this year (and then, my Lenten Goal as well) was to keep my blog updated.  I'm already falling behind.  But, dang it! I want to keep it up!  I'm gonna try a little harder to post more than just a monthly photo round-up...'cause we're up to more than just phone pics over here.  Help keep me accountable?

But first, better post February's phone pics.  The highlight of the month was definitely our trip to Atlanta.  Not much happened the rest of the month so this should be a short post.

Two days before we left to go out of  town, I found myself sitting in the doctor's waiting room with a fevery little girl that couldn't stay awake.  Just what we needed right before vacation.  Luckily, flu and strep tests were both negative and her ears were clear, so it was just a short-lived little fever bug.  I sure hate it when she doesn't feel well but I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy the cuddles.

Nothing better than going for a drive with your best buddy!

The blog is not the only thing I've been behind on, I can't seem to find time to finish my DIY projects in the woodshop either.  We now have two embroidery machines for Mint Tulip and need a better work station.  Matt and my Dad built new drawer bases back in January but I haven't been able to get them painted so we can finish the project!  Currently, they're just being used as houses for Katie Wynn and Thomas...

One evening, just before the sun went down, we finally went to check out the Big River Crossing - a pedestrian bridge that crosses all the way over Mississippi River.  It has fun to be able to stand with one foot in AR and one in TN!

Nice weather means snack time is outside!

Katie Wynn somehow downloaded a Kid's Bible App onto Matt's phone and she and Thomas laid on the couch together listening to Bible stories.  We don't really encourage games on our phones, but I guess if this is the worse that's going to come from it, it can be ok! 

Katie-bug actually let me put rollers in her hair one Saturday night.  Aren't kids just the sweetest ever when they're sleeping?

She was really excited about sleeping in the rollers, but then was NOT excited when she woke up with curls in her hair.  I thought it turned out cute! 

I love it when they match and I love it when they both smile and look at the camera at the same time, so this picture is pretty much it for me.

Have you ever walked into your kitchen to see a four-year-old standing in your refrigerator? Someone thinks she's big enough to get her own snacks.  And someone else was watching said four-year-old and got busted climbing up for his own snacks too.

And that's it for February!  Like I said, it was a light month for pictures.  More soon!