March Phone Pics

You would think after the train trip posts and Easter pictures and golf coursing and puddle jumping, there wouldn't be much left to show for March.  But you'd be wrong.

March showed up with the flu, and it targeted my sweet baby boy.  Doesn't that sad face just break your heart?  He couldn't even stay awake long enough to get to the doctor.

After just one round of medicine, he was back to being his silly self again!  We had a good day together at home and I loved the extra one-on-one time.

My girl and I got some quality time together too, at a tea party fundraiser.  We didn't win any of our items at the silent auction, but we had fun dressing up and doing crafts.

Here is last year's tea party picture (on the left) compared to this year's.  Katie Wynn is still just as shy as can be!

Later that same day, our buddy Gus and his mama, Sarah, came to visit and we took a trip to the zoo.  The weather was perfect for it and the kids loved being outside!

I am stocking up on photos of these two for their wedding slideshow. :)

Thomas knows how to enjoy a day outside!  This boy just kicked back and relaxed while I pulled him to all the animal exhibits.  It wasn't until close to time to leave that Katie Wynn and Gus started pulling the wagon for me.  Why didn't I think of that sooner??  Sarah and I were able to stroll and chat and enjoy the day.

If I remember correctly, that weekend had great weather for both Saturday and Sunday.  After church, Katie Wynn picked out her play clothes and then asked if I could dress Thomas to match her.  Of course I could!

From looking back at my pictures for the month, we spent a lot of time outside playing.

Poppy had some extra help...or extra weight...with his load of dirt.

Thomas enjoyed an oreo and getting to try on his new flip flops.

I took lots of pj pictures during the month of March...probably because the Easter Bunny and I both brought the kids new ones.

Passed out!

Passed out!

Possibly Thomas's longest nap ever!

Possibly Thomas's longest nap ever!

Sleeping with her mittens on.

Sleeping with her mittens on.

Katie Wynn and her bunny family!  All three are named Easter Bunny.  Thomas has a set of three grey ones that are all named Bunny Foo Foo.  

One morning Daddy used the flash of the camera to wake us up.  Sometimes I get all the snuggles.  :)

The Easter Bunny also brought new battery-operated toothbrushes!  We did LOTS of dry brushing in March!

For me, March is always important because it's my birthday month!  This year, we joined some friends of ours for dinner and a night at an Escape Room.  Basically, you are all "locked" in a room (in our case, Sherlock Holmes' office) given a scenario and some clues, and you have one hour to try to figure out how to get out.  We did it with 15 minutes to spare!  Not only did we get to add our team name to the board (the Ides of March), but we had the best time for the week!  Such a fun night.  :)

Chris and I share a birthday guessed it, the Ides of March!

Chris and I share a birthday guessed it, the Ides of March!

With just six days left in April, I guess another set of monthly phone pics will be coming soon!