Golf Coursing

If you've tried to visit the blog over the last few days, you may have noticed that it was down.  There was a bit of panic from me as I thought I had lost everything, but my friend Matt is awesome and was able to get us back up and running.  And everything is still here.  Thank goodness!!!

I was in the middle of this post when things went down.  We have had some really pretty days this month and for one of them, we took the kids out to the golf course.  The objective was to let them run, run, run!  (And then hopefully they would sleep, sleep, sleep!)

The Easter Bunny packed these cute golf cart tees in their baskets and they were so excited to get to wear them to go "golf-coursing."  That phrase was coined by niece, Bren, when she was younger and it has stuck with me and Matt.  :)  The tees are from Honey Bee Tees and I highly recommend you check them out if you like soft, colorful t-shirts with cute, simple drawings.  They have stuff for both kids and adults!

I think Matt thought he might actually get to play a hole or two while we were there, but that's not really possible when little hands keep picking up your ball and help to get it in the hole.

My three favorite people in one photo.

Obviously I have to take a billion photos when they're in matching clothes.  :)

There's a cat that lives at the golf course that is appropriately named Callaway.  Thomas can spot it from a mile away.  He yells "Kih-Cah!" and starts running towards it.  Callaway is nice enough to give them a second to pet her before running off.

There was a night the following week where we didn't have anything for dinner so we went back out to the club to eat.  Katie Wynn insisted that they wear their golf course shirts again.  This is great because I love for them to match.  This is bad because if they wear these every time we go out there, people are going to think they only own one shirt. 

They hung around outside - literally - until our dinner was ready to eat.  

I have a feeling there will be many more of these trips to the golf course this summer.  Let's just hope I can convince them to wear different clothes occasionally!