Puddle Jumping

After a few pretty days of sunshine, we had a long few days of rain.  And in our neighborhood, that means ditches full of water!! 

In an effort to get out of the house during the 5 o'clock witching hour, we came home from school/work one day, changed into boots, and went out on a puddle jumping adventure.

Thomas is on a big rain boot kick right now.  He was so excited to put his on he couldn't be bothered with pants.  Hey, one less thing for me to have to wash, amiright?

Katie Wynn had a slight freak out when some water got on her hands and pants.  I had to talk her down and tell her that's what happens when you splash in puddles.

Thomas had no problems going splashing!

Proof that Mommy wore boots and participated too.  (So did Daddy, but he's not pictured.)

The kids waded through the deep ditch water...

...and stomped in the shallow puddles.

Katie Wynn came along to the idea of getting wet and before long, was trying to stomp so hard that the splashes reached her face.  

And then....  well, we knew this was coming, right?  You just haven't experienced childhood until you've squished mud between your toes.

We walked back home with bare feet, wet pants, and a soggy diaper.  Everyone got a good hose-down before going inside!

Baths were required before dinner, but the puddle jumping adventure was worth it!