September Phone Pics

Let's not even talk about how late this post is.  Back in September, Katie Wynn turned four, we hosted the Olympic Games, and...

...we called the Hogs.

...Thomas helped his Daddy cheer on the Irish.

...we wore Patriotic colors to church for Labor Day.


...the kids ate their broccoli, 

and then we offset that healthiness with ice cream for dessert.  

...we went to the doctor for well check-ups and the kids had the stinkiest feet ever.  

...we held the teeniest tiniest little caterpillar.

...we enjoyed our first dinner with nice weather out on our new patio. 

...we played at Addi Clare's water-themed birthday party.

...I caught Thomas lathered in lotion on my couch!

...Thomas looked pitiful in time out.  

...Katie Wynn and I had a date to get manicures and pedicures.

...the kids spent an afternoon playing one of MY favorite childhood games - cash register!

...we had a really good month!!