Four Years Old

Twenty-four days ago, my baby girl turned FOUR years old!  I feel like I'm still adjusting to being a parent in general, so how have four years sped by so quickly??

She was all giggles the night before her birthday.  We had been counting down til this day for SO long and I'm not sure any of us could believe it was finally here.  This girl loves a birthday!

She also loves taking turns with the camera, so I had to let her take mine so I could take hers.  :)

Just like last year, we woke her up the next morning with balloons!  She had randomly woken up at 4:00 during the night and ended up in our bed.  That doesn't happen often at all but we quickly adjusted and brought the celebration to our room.

I hope we are able to continue this birthday balloon tradition, but I tell ya, it's hard to get helium in balloons the day before and keep them hidden from your kids (while secretly praying the helium lasts)! And it will only get harder as we add more balloons to the count.

As luck would have it, Katie Wynn's preschool was closed on the Friday for her birthday (teacher in-service, I think).  So I surprised her with tickets to go see Disney on Ice that morning with her best buddy Addi Clare!

Last year's Disney on Ice show was all Frozen, but this year they did short snippets of four different shows - Tangled, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella, and The Princess and the Frog.  Tangled was the only movie she had ever seen but she at least knew who Snow White and Cinderella were.  

When we got home later in the afternoon, she had lots of surprises.  Her Lala and Poppa had arrived for the weekend and her Daddy had her gift from us set up in the backyard!  We made her cover her eyes while he carried her out to it.

This picture cracks me up.  Poor Thomas just wanted to get in with us!

This picture cracks me up.  Poor Thomas just wanted to get in with us!

Somehow Thomas managed to get dirt all over his face while we jumped on the trampoline.  Typical boy.

Mimi and Poppy joined us for dinner too so she had all of her grandparents around for her special day.  She loved blowing out four candles on her cupcake!

Like most kids, her favorite part of the day was probably getting to open presents.  She got lots of cute new things - shoes, a watch, bathrobe and nightgowns, water table, and the coolest mermaid tail blanket made by her Lala.  

Her birthday party wasn't for another two days, which was such a long wait for her!  In between celebrations, she and Thomas "helped" me make her official birthday cake.  Those kids can smell a cake mix beater from anywhere in the house!  :)

I'll be back next with all the fun pictures from her birthday party!