August Phone Pics

August?  That was, like, months ago!

Typing quickly today because I want to get this post done but I don't have much time.  In August, we squeezed in one last Saturday of swimming.

We also played Olympics.  Thomas had a hard time being second place on the "podium."  He was cool with it if he could sit down, though.

These two pictures were from Open House night at Katie Wynn's school where we got to go meet the teachers and see her classroom.  (Photos actually taken at the restaurant we ate dinner at before Open House.)  Mostly, I just wanted a picture of her in this outfit because I love the back of it.  :)

I'm a sucker for matching jammies and bath time always goes more smoothly when I tell them I have new pj's for them.  If I could, I'd have a new pair for every night!


When Matt is gone and I have the kids for the evening by myself, my strategy is to bribe them to eat a good dinner and be good during the bath with the promise of popcorn and a movie afterwards.  Works like a charm and it's a huge win for me because they eat well, bathe quickly, and then sit still and are quiet while I do other things around the house.  :)

More new jammies and sibling love!  

Katie Wynn wrote her first letter during August and mailed it to her Lala and Poppa.  She was so excited about it!  I hope to make this a regular-ish thing because who doesn't love getting snail mail?!  And look at her name in the top corner - love it.

You saw from her first day of school post that she started gymnastics this month, but she also started dance class!  I was really against her doing dance too because ugh, extracurriculars, but I signed her up since she asked me to.  She was excited to try on her new outfit and shoes when they came in.

I may have been 100% against it going into it, but the second I saw her in her full outfit and that tiny bun, I was sold.  Have you ever seen a cuter ballerina?!  Goodness gracious.  She does both ballet and tap in her class and I got to watch at the end of last week's class.  So far, she doesn't care much for ballet but she LOVES marching in her tap shoes!

She is sweet and timid in her ballet outfit but she is a wild child when it comes to gymnastics!  She got a new leotard for it too and is also so full of energy in that class that her teacher has to repeatedly tell her to sit down and wait her turn.

Thomas.  This boy.  He is so funny and messy and cute and talkative and I just want to eat him up all the time.

I have no idea why he has chip clips on his shirt in the picture below on the left.  He did that by himself and was so proud.  He also told me he didn't get any of his ice cream on his shirt.  Liar.  I love the pic of him on the right.  They were sitting in the car watching Finding Nemo while Matt and I finished getting loaded up for church.  The sharks were on the screen and he got scared and wanted me to turn it off.  I told him to just cover his eyes.  I'm so glad I had my phone in my hand to catch what he did!  It's less scary when you watch between your fingers.

More ice cream.  More messes.  And maybe his first cone all to himself?  Courtesy of his Aunt Beth.  

When we get home from school/work for the day, he asks for two suckers (Dumdums, one will not do), wants to watch "Silly Monsters" (Monsters Inc. to the rest of the world), and then, after eating his suckers, jumps from the ottoman to the chair.  Over and over and over.  He's a blur.

New fascination = washing hands.  Or just letting the water run.  When did they get big enough to drag the kitchen table chairs over to the sink?  I never know what I'm going to walk in to find.

In non-kid related news, Matt and I got to go out to dinner!  We joined the Cooks and Earls for a birthday dinner celebrating Darrin.  It was nice to see them (without kids!) and enjoy good food and drinks!

We managed to knock out a project during August.  Normally I'd make this a post of its own but I took exactly zero progress shots.  We spent a full Saturday building this planter bench (following these plans from Shanty 2 Chic) to sit on the corner of our new patio.  

Ignore the half-dead plants I plopped in there for these pictures.  We love how the bench turned out!  This was one of those projects that I thought I would knock out by myself before lunch but it ended up taking me, Matt, Wyatt, and Dad all working together til late in the afternoon to finish it.  It's made out of cedar so it should weather great out in the elements.

That's a wrap on August!