Trying to catch up...

I'm sure you can guess from my absence around here that I'm back at work.  It's amazing how just spending 8 hours in an office 3 days a week can make all extra time disappear.  I have been trying to blog everyday but just can't seem to get it in.  I was hoping to sneak in some blog-writing time while at work but my webpage has been blocked for "pornography."  I guess I've posted too many nudie pics of Katie Wynn?!  Rumor on the street is that there's a blogging app too, but when I tried to download it I was prompted to update my iOS.  No problem, right?  Except that I don't have enough space on my phone - even after deleting everything I can! - for the update.  The blogging gods are against me.

So I'm going to attempt to catch up over the next couple of days.  We are definitely in a very busy season of life, but I'm going to try to make this a priority this week and weekend.  To start, here are some pictures from my phone that I've had ready to post for weeks now!

 Oh, but first!  Do you ever want to comment on my posts?? (Of course you do, what a silly question...)  Make sure you aren't using Internet Explorer to do so.  It may look like your comment is pending but it will never go through.  Just a little heads-up!

These pics are from Katie Wynn's first time to sleep in sponge rollers!  These were such a big part of my childhood.  It seems like I was sleeping in them every other night.  I bought them on a whim and surprisingly she sat pretty darn still while I put them in her hair.  The pics above don't accurately show how excited she was to have them in her hair!  I just knew she'd want them out when it came time to go to sleep, but she laid right down on them. 

She lost 4 of the 10 overnight and looked like a hot mess when we took them out!  I guess that's one way to put some volume in her hair.

I didn't know what to do with the half-curly, half-straight mess, so I swept it all back into a ponytail.  It ended up curling into the cutest little bun ever so it wasn't a total fail! (She would NOT stay still for me to get a good photo.)


On the left: chocolate cake.  On the right: mismatched shoes on the wrong feet.  Setting a new trend, maybe?

Don't you love this little golfer?? He can't wait to hit the course with his dad.  :)

We went to a neighbor's pool one afternoon.  Their pool has this really wide shallow step with an umbrella that is just awesome for little kids to sit and splash under.  Thomas wasn't particularly thrilled, probably because he was so sleepy, but Katie Wynn loved it.  We invited Addi Clare to come too which was icing on the cake for K-dub.

That same night, some of our other friends came over.  Thomas and Henry did some bonding.  They're like bros already.  Everett was there too and they both obviously look up to him.

T and H

Matching Sunday church clothes!  


One of Katie Wynn's newest Sunday traditions is sweet-talking her Mimi to take her for a ride in her stroller.  



Katie bug has gotten much braver on the playset.  She will climb up in the fort all by herself and I practically have to pull her out of it.  

Thomas has made the big move!  He is officially sleeping in his room at night.  It was hard to see him in that big crib at first, but we've all adjusted to it now and it's going well!

For some insane reason, Matt and I thought it would be no big deal to take both small kids with us to go out for sushi.  We probably won't make that mistake again.  Katie Wynn used the booth as a trampoline while Thomas screamed and refused his bottle.  We rushed outta there as quickly as we could and sat on the patio to finish feeding.  Katie Wynn practiced her hanging and swinging on the bike rack.  


Sometimes Thomas likes to show out by holding his bottle by himself.  


SO glad that we are getting to see his happy face more and more often!  He coos and laughs a lot these days.

This what Daddy gets for trying to do crunches.  He knows we don't allow exercising around here...

Another afternoon spent at the pool with my favorite little swimmers!  

This is the look of a sleepy-head whose Daddy just came home with donuts ("no-nuts") and chocolate milk.  

The boys just watched us girls scarf all the donuts down.  :)

Trying to get a family picture can be quite comical these days.  You just never know what Katie Wynn's gonna do.  Maybe she'll grab Thomas's head like the pic on the right below.  There are some other outtakes where she's pulling his leg into her lap so he looks like he's doing the splits. 

And this is how she hugs her little brother...

One night Jett (my nephew) grabbed my phone so he could run outside and take these cute pictures of the girl cousins.  I love seeing them play together!

Aaaaand this is where I'm going to have to call it quits on this blog post.  These last pictures are from about a month ago so there's still a lot of catch up to do.  More soon!