Lots O' Pictures

I'm curious - how many pictures do you have in your phone camera roll right now?  I seem to always have a ton and I wonder if that's normal or do I take way too many photos?  

That being said, here's another installment of all the pictures from my phone.  I just left them in chronological order, so they're kinda all over the place!

First up, wouldn't it be nice to have this big of a cheering section every time you rolled over?  Poor Thomas was working so hard while we all just watched.  

Katie Wynn is obsessed with this old Elmo doll of mine.  He lives at my parents' house and it's the first thing she goes to get when we get there.  I have to convince her to put Elmo down for a nap when it's time for us to leave so that he can stay there.  

Thomas is starting to legitimately play with the toys on his play mat.  He grabs for them and tries to put them chew on them if they're close enough.

I don't know how I made it this long, but I finally had my first trip to the grocery store with both kids in tow.  Thank goodness I was just there to get a few things since they filled up my basket!  Thomas kept grinning at me through the handle of his car seat.  

One of my friends passed down some "days of the week" socks for Katie Wynn.  They saved us from an after-bath meltdown one night.  I know she can't read them, but my type-A brain has to make sure she has on the right day of the week.  :)

Playing ball one afternoon in her BOO! shirt.  I tried to teach her to shout "boo!" that day but she would only whisper it.  Not as effective that way.

Parker, my nephew, was hanging out at my parents' house one day and he begged and begged and begged to hold Thomas.  He got his wish!  He loved holding him, which is a good thing since he's about to get a new brother or sister of his own.  

Hanging out one Saturday morning.  She looks so old to me in the second picture with her little leg popped while looking at my phone!  I think she was taking pictures of Thomas.  

We went to her friend Steele's birthday party where there was a real tractor she could climb on!  She and her best buddy Addi Clare loved playing on it.  

My cute little boy after a sink bath and then both babies cuddling with daddy, probably trying to delay bedtime.  

The next morning I walked by Thomas in his swing and noticed that Katie Wynn had put one of her bow headbands on him all by herself.  At least she's sharing!  Well, she WAS sharing anyway.  She didn't share a single bite of that hot pink cupcake!

These pictures were taken on another afternoon after school.  I just loved the sun rays beaming down.  Maybe Katie Wynn will be a football player?  She loves to throw the ball!

This was the day of the time change.  Need I say more?  My mom made these precious pumpkin outfits for them!  

One night after dinner, Thomas was sitting down in his bumbo and I knew Katie Wynn was down there talking to him.  It wasn't until I looked closer that I noticed she was wiping him with a baby wipe.  And then, after even closer inspection, I could tell that she was wiping the eczema spot that he has on his shoulder.  I guess she wants it gone just as bad as I do!  (The too-small hot pink sandals over socks were her doing, not mine.)

We don't have games on our phones for Katie Wynn so the only thing she knows how to do when she gets a hold of one is take pictures.  Most are blurry shots of the floor, but I found these of Thomas that were actually in focus!

Last Friday I had to take Katie bug to get her flu shot.  I decided to treat her to donut holes and chocolate milk while we sat in the waiting room so that it wouldn't be too awful of a morning.  I was surprised at how well she behaved!  She cried just a tad during the shot but was really a trooper and loved the Turkey sticker she got to take home with her.  

We had family pictures this past weekend (Katie Wynn did not cooperate; hopefully there's at least one decent one) and afterwards the girls and I stopped by the playground to play.  

It sounded like a good idea to slide down together until the big sister went down much faster than the little sister!  Hee hee.  No worries, the little sister is just fine.  

Katie Wynn took an epic nap that afternoon.  After three and a half hours, I put Thomas in her bed to wake her up.  :)

Matt snuck this picture of Wyatt holding Thomas for me.  He has just recently really gotten into holding him.  I knew he'd eventually come around!  The next picture is of Katie Wynn wearing my boots.  I just never know what she's going to come out of my closet wearing.  

Sunday we actually had time to take pictures before church for the first time ever.  We're usually rushing out the door and five minutes late!  I love these kiddos in their matching outfits, even if Katie Wynn did push Thomas over...

Addi Clare and her family joined us for lunch afterwards and there was lots of hugging when the girls had to say goodbye!

We've gotten into a routine of hanging out on the floor of Katie Wynn's room after baths and reading books.  She plays favorites and decides each night who gets to do the reading.  This night it was Daddy's turn! 

Lately she also has to take a book to bed with her so she can read to herself.  Or, in the case of the picture below, she can read to Thomas (she's trying to show him the pictures but he doesn't seem too interested).  

Last two pictures of my little turkeys.  I will not apologize for all of their matching outfits.  The fun is just beginning!  Expect more matching for the next...five?...years!