Diaper Duty

I think I've mentioned on here before how much of a little mama Katie Wynn is.  One of her favorite things is to help with diaper changes.  Probably because she loves baby wipes so much.  Not kidding - she needs about five wipes at every diaper change and carries them with her afterwards.  She uses them to wipe her nose, dust the coffee table, clean Thomas.  Often they're used as blankets for her babies.  

We go through a lot of wipes, is what I'm saying.

Anyway, the other morning while I was getting ready in the bathroom, I heard Katie Wynn run in and out of the bathroom a handful of times but didn't really clue in to what she was doing until she'd already gathered most of her supplies.  It was obviously diaper duty time for two of her babies.  (This happens often at our house, this is just the first time I've  photographed it.)

The scale made a perfect changing table.  See the two piles of baby wipes that she'd stolen from her nursery?  The ones shoved into the corner by the bathtub were the "used" ones. 

After the first baby had gotten a good wipe-down, she had to get more wipes for the second one.  "Shoo wee!"  I heard her say.  Must've been a doozy - see how many more wipes there are?  And that poor baby doll had to stand on her head to get her bottom wiped.

After cleaning her up, Katie Wynn ran out of the room.  I assumed she had gotten bored of this game and moved on to something else.  Nope, she went to go get two diapers.

This is about when I got busted taking pictures of her.  I was trying to be sly...

Little Mama worked so hard getting that diaper on just right!

Like me, she has two babies in diapers, so it's double the work.  Next baby's turn!

Oh yeah, looks like this one is gonna have really good coverage.

And done.  Ta daaa!

I feel certain this baby will not be having a blowout onto her clothes.

My little mama was very proud of herself.  And I was proud of her too.  I will be more proud of her, though, when she learns to change diapers using fewer wipes.  :)