Bubbles and Puppies

We played outside for awhile Sunday evening and I actually had my camera outside to take some "real" non-iphone photos.  Katie Wynn had her Minnie Mouse bubbles out and was determined to use up the whole bottle in one evening.  You would think she would want to run after the bubbles and pop them but no, she would much rather be the one blowing them.  "I do it," she tells me every single time.

There is really no point to these pictures except that I thought she looked so cute with those puffed out cheeks and pursed lips.  

Thomas enjoyed getting to watch the bubbles and help Daddy pop them.  (P.S.  Look at that peach fuzz hair that's starting to come in!  Blonde?)

My sweet girl...

We were having fun with the bubbles when all of a sudden she threw them down and started running for the back door.  I had no idea what had happened until I turned and saw two of our neighbors, Sunshine and Charlie Brown, making their way down the street.  Sunshine and Charlie Brown are two dogs that get walked past our house almost every evening and since their owner, Mrs. Linda, is always so kind to stop and let us pet them, we bought them a box of treats.  Now, anytime we're outside (or at the dinner table and see them through the window...) and see them coming, Katie Wynn runs inside to get two dog bones for them.  

Katie Wynn loves the idea of giving the dogs treats, but always ends up getting scared as they get close and throws them down on the ground.  I don't blame her, Charlie Brown is pretty aggressive when it comes to getting those treats!

Truth be told, Charlie Brown always ends up eating both treats.  Sunshine is more interested in getting to say hi to Lolli.  It is always crazy and chaotic when they stop and Mrs. Linda always ends up wrapped up in leashes, but we love it when we get to see them!

And then, every single time as the puppies continue on with their walk, Katie Wynn asks, "Puppies go nigh-night?"

I want to be sure to remember these nights of getting to feed treats to our neighbor puppy dogs.  So much joy for this little girl!