Four Months Photos

I think I mentioned in the post about Thomas's newborn photos that we purchased a First Year Package from our photographer, Lisa Mac.  The First Year Package includes 4 sessions worth of photos to see how he grows over the year.  Lisa takes pictures during the first two weeks, at 4 months, 8 months, and at one year.  Since Thomas is 5 months now, we've already been to see her for our second photo shoot.  I've just gotten the edited photos back and once again, I love them all!

Thomas was a complete ham for pictures!  It's like he knew exactly what he was doing - he smiled and grinned and cooed for Lisa right on cue.  I think she had a full roll of perfect pictures of him within the first 15 minutes!

She had some great pictures of him grinning on this blue blanket, but we chose this closeup below instead.  His hands in his mouth is just so representative of how he is right now.  We have to fight him to get him to put his hands down!

But that doesn't mean we didn't choose any with big sweet is this one of him on the green blanket?!  I love that it shows off his gummy smile and his bright blue eyes.

As great as Thomas was for the camera, his big sister was the exact opposite.  She was running around and laughing when we first arrived, but as soon as it was her time to be in front of the camera, it was meltdown city!  She wouldn't stay in front of the backdrops and cried and cried.  I took her new yellow rainboots, rain coat, and umbrella because I thought they would make a cute picture, but she wasn't very cooperative with keeping her boots on.  She also wouldn't touch her umbrella, so this was about the best Lisa was able to get.

Finally got the boots on, but definitely not smiling!

The only picture that I knew for sure that I wanted going into the shoot was one of Thomas in the baptismal gown that my mom made for him.  I plan to have his gown framed like I did Katie Wynn's, and I wanted to have some pictures of him wearing it to hang with it.  Since he was so sick when he got baptized, I didn't even bother trying to get good pictures of him in it.  Plus, I knew Lisa would do much better.  Look at this happy face she got!

I chose the one below to have a full shot of the gown, even though you can't really see the details.  Like always, my mom outdid herself with all her detailed handwork.  

Lisa had to work her editing magic for the picture below.  I really, really wanted one of Katie Wynn wearing this heirloom dress with Thomas in his gown.  Lisa took Thomas's face from one photo and hers from another and put them together.  She also removed the bright red sucker that Katie Wynn was holding in her hair.  I hate that her hair is a mess and her bow got cut off, but if you knew how horrible she was being, you'd know how lucky we are just to have this!

We are supposed to get 10 finalized pictures from each of the four photoshoots, but I only chose 8 from this round.  I'm hoping Katie Wynn will behave better at the 8-month or 1-year sessions and we'll have more options to choose from.  Here's hoping anyway!