Gender Reveal!

Lemme just start by saying this: "mother's intuition" is a load of crap.

With that said, lemme tell you about our day last Wednesday!

Matt met me at the doctor's office for my 10:45 appointment.  They had already called me back for my ultrasound but when I said he wasn't here yet, they were nice enough to wait for a few minutes.  This was the second time he was late for the big ultrasound!

Our ultrasound tech was AWESOME.  She was so incredibly nice and chatted with us and pointed out every little thing on the screen.  It's a good thing she was there and could tell what she was looking at because I had no idea.  At one point, I thought we were looking at ribs and then she told me it was the nose and lips.  Oh.  Right.  Nose and lips.  Got it.  The best news of the day is that our little baby is as healthy as can be.  There were four chambers in the heart, two kidneys and lungs, no cleft pallet, ten fingers and ten toes, and everything else they look for.  

We also found out that this baby is playing footsie with my bladder, which totally explains why I had to use the bathroom three times during my hour visit.

Like last time, I had made a card for the tech to fill out indicating what the baby's gender is.  I wanted to be surprised.  Matt really wanted to look at the screen.  So when the time came for her to look at the revealing area, I turned my head while he watched.  He was under strict orders to make no facial expressions or ask confirmation or say anything.  Luckily, when the tech said she already knew, he still hadn't really seen anything.  Amateur.  

We left the appointment and went straight to a restaurant where my parents and brother were waiting for us.  I think they were slightly disappointed to find out that we didn't even know yet!  We made it through our lunch and then the time finally came.

I handed our telling envelope over to our waiter, Jeffrey, and chose one dessert for each gender.  If the envelope said boy, he was to bring us chocolate cheesecake, and if it said girl, it was vanilla creme brulee. 

jeffrey and envelope

Jeffrey was such a good sport for playing along with us.  I made sure no one at the table was peeking and watching for him to walk through the restaurant.  Luckily, he snuck up from around the corner and asked if we were ready.  By that time, we had skyped in Matt's parents so we held up our phones and told him we were ready.

Chocolate cheesecake it is!

chocolate cheesecake

I am officially oh for two on guessing what's in my belly.  How could I possibly be so incredibly wrong?!  I won't lie, I was initially disappointed because I had convinced myself I was gonna be a girl mom and had already started thinking about how two sisters would be very best friends.  It didn't help that I also really wanted to eat some creme brulee.

It's funny because I was also initially disappointed when I found out KW was a girl, and now I can't imagine her not being a little girl.  After having a few days to digest the news, I am beginning to get really excited about having a little boy!

Speaking of our little boy, here he is!  Isn't that a sweet little profile?

baby boy profile

Looks like we have a little thumb sucker on our hands.

And I just love this one.  How precious is that foot print?!  And that's his little hand trying to grab it.  Silly boy.

hand and foot

The rest of the day went a little downhill from there.  Mom and I left lunch to go run errands (and didn't even buy a single boy item - shocker!) and ended up stranded with a flat tire.  Super shout-out to my dad who showed up in his suit to rescue us and put on the spare in the FREEZING cold.

changing flat
changing flat

Back at home that evening (after putting the still-hates-daycare kid to bed), I attempted to make cake pops as a gender reveal for my coworkers the next day.  The plan was to have both pink and blue pops on the outside, but the cake on the inside would reveal the gender with its color.  The reality is that it was a complete disaster.  I really don't know what went wrong, except that I bought an off-brand for the outer pink and blue coats so maybe that was the problem?  Whatever it was, I only ended up with four decent cake pops!  The others were a wreck!

cake pops

Needless to say, I went to bed very frustrated knowing that I wouldn't have enough cake pops to share with everyone.  

Saturday night we had some friends over for dinner and we were excited to share the news with them too.  They all either already have a boy or expecting one, so we are glad to be adding another one to the play group! To reveal the news, we filled a balloon with balloon confetti and popped it after everyone had arrived.  I didn't get a picture of it, but I did get a cute picture of the four matching kids!

matching kids

Katie Wynn loved having so many playmates at her house!  Hopefully that means she's ready to have a full-time boy playmate living with her.  Something tells me she's gonna get very bossy...