I may have gone overboard...

I have been on a pretty big pumpkin kick lately.  Not pumpkin flavor like all the pumpkin-spice-latte crazed people all over the internets, more like pumpkin images.  As in, pumpkin images that you can applique onto little bitty shirts.  :)

October officially starts next Tuesday so yesterday, on my day off, I worked like a little busy bee to make sure Katie Wynn has a closet full of pumpkin/fall outfits.  It's possible that she will have to wear orange everyday for the next two months. 

Mom and I have a pretty good system.  After we pick out cute fabric, she makes adorable little pants (with tiny ruffle hems because I'm not all about those gigantic ruffles on most little girl clothes these days...seriously, some of them are outrageous!) and I take a cheap Walmart or Old Navy shirt and put something super cute on it to go with the pants.  

Without further adieu, here's a peak at some of Katie Wynn's new fall wardrobe.  

candy corn
chevron pumpkin
split pumpkin
polka dot pumpkin
photo 5.JPG
orange tunic top

in the event that I get tired of seeing orange all the time (or heck, just get behind on laundry!), she also has some non-pumpkin clothes too.  Most of these outfits came from me and/or Mom snatching up cute little pants marked down to next-to-nothing on clearance racks and then making cute shirts to go with them.  You really can't beat a precious personalized outfit for under ten bucks, can you? 

navy polka dots
green polka dots
photo 2.JPG
coral shirt
cupcake outfit

The shirt above in the middle goes with the pants she's wearing on the right (they were in the dryer).  That shirt didn't photograph very well but it has her monogram on it, of course.   Now I can take a small break before starting Christmas clothes! :)

And just in case you think all I do is sit around and make cute outfits for Katie Wynn, here's proof that I do occasionally work on something else.  These are two towels that I did for a friend who is making over her girls' bathroom.  I think they turned out so cute! 

monogrammed towels

Sometimes my real job gets in the way of my crafting.  Maybe I should cut down to working just two days a week...