One Year

I just got back the photos from Katie Wynn's first birthday party and they are so precious!! I can't wait to show them to you all, but there are tons so I've gotta go through them all.  Be expecting that post soon.

let them eat cake!

I know there have been a lot of posts centered on our Katie bug lately.  I apologize for those of you that aren't here to read about her 24/7, but she pretty much is our 24/7 these days.  I do have a few project-related posts coming soon, but I really wanted to jot down a few things about our girl at this age so that I don't forget.   

  • We haven't had our official 1 year checkup yet, but I'm hoping she weighs 20 pounds (was 19.9lbs about 2 weeks ago) and I'm guessing she's around 28 inches tall.  I'll update this after the appointment.
  • KW has two bottom teeth and the front two on top have finally broken through the gums.  They are taking their sweet time dropping down though. 
  • She wears size 3 diapers, size 12M clothes, and we're currently transitioning to a size 4 shoe. 
  • Technically, Katie Wynn can say lots of words, she just may not really know that she's saying them.  She consistently says "Mama" and "Uh-oh."  I would probably say "uh-oh" was her first word.
  • KW took her first step around 11 months but didn't start really walking all over the place until about 1 week before her first birthday. 
  • Her "tricks" include waving bye-bye, clapping, giving kisses, and blowing bubbles in the bath.
  • She loves all things dog: dog toys, dog food, dog water bowls, and pulling the dog's hair!  This is why she's going to be a puppy dog for Halloween.  :) 
  • Generally, she is still an excellent sleeper.  We are currently in the middle of a sleep regression where she is waking up twice every night, but I'm hoping it's just a phase.  She still sleeps in her Zipadee-Zip every night. 
  • Our girl still loves to eat!  We have started introducing a lot more finger foods, and some things she loves and others she does not!  Current faves are bananas, meat, macaroni and cheese, and string cheese.  She LOVES the sweet tea her Mimi gives her and also really enjoys bites of any dessert - ice cream, water ice, cake, whatever.
  • We are working on transitioning to cow's milk.  She hated it at first but we are now mixing it with formula and that's going well.  We hope to be formula-free within the next week.  KW is using a sippy cup some as well.  Hopefully the bottles can go away with the formula! 
  • Katie Wynn is most talkative in the mornings.  When we hang out in bed, she jibber-jabbers away.  She also loves bath time and being outside.
  • Her favorite hobby is pulling cookbooks off the shelf and emptying the cabinets in our bathroom.  She does both of these every. single. day. 
  • Katie bug favors men over women.  Her Papa was her clear favorite last weekend and every Sunday, she flirts with the men but won't have anything to do with the women.   
  • She is such a joy to be around!  She is in a good mood most of the time, though we sometimes call 5:00-6:00pm her witching hour.  She keeps us smiling and makes us laugh every single day.  I can't imagine our lives without her!